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My Latest Journal
newly posted :

The following are the trips I have not been able to finish the journals… But feel free to ask if you need any info about these places.
– Shangiang island [April 2015, 2 days]
– Kampung Inggris, the English ‘speaking’ Village in East Java [July 2015, 4 days]
– New Year in Bali [Jan 2016]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao, Patong) [March 2016, 9 days]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao) [July 2016]


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Recently I had bad experience staying in Double Six area at Villa Coco. It relates to how local traveler treated, especially as a female. Discrimination would be a strong word to use for what happened in my favorite getaway island, Bali. But I have seen it in some area and experienced it myself, like Kuta or Legian, not only in hotel but also other places about how foreigner (we called them “bule”) is treated way better than local guest. That is why we chose a hotel in Double Six, in the border of Legian-Seminyak. Never thought this problem would reach this area.

I have to admit that it still makes me upset to just think about what happened last week. It reminds me of other unpleasant stays as well. Good thing, it inspires me to write another post, after being absence for a while… share it with other traveler, especially Indonesian. Because I believe it is not only me who have been experiencing it. I do hope you do not, as it sucks and may ruin the holiday.

So far, I encountered with 3 places that having this issue and hopefully the list will not grow. I link it with my review in tripadvisor but I did not write the complete story there about what actually happened or after I posted in tripadvisor. But you can read it here.

First time was when staying in Kuta Lagoon Resort Legian in November 2012
You can read what happened in my TripAdvisor review: “Need to know their guest“.
I still remember that was my birthday and the security kept asking me everytime I parked my bike “are you this hotel guest?”, while he did not do it to foreign guest. I met the manager. She told me they had experience with unknown female entering the property and interrupting male bule. Oops… come on, not all Indonesian female are like that… But overall, the response of the Manager was good. I actually said to her that I would stay there again in the future because I love their lagoon pool, though never happens. I did mean it when saying that, but I found other places with nice swimming pool and good service to local guest ^^/.

Second time was when staying in Pondok 3 Mertha Kuta Bali in September 2017
You can read what happened in this TripAdvisor: “Not my kinda place“.
It was so stupid asking for my passport when front desk know I am Indonesian. He said they had experience with Indonesian who stayed for a week, broke their tv, and just left. I was like, “hello, not all Indonesia does that”. Then he asked for a deposit of 1 nite when I already paid in full for a nite and clearly saying I was only there for a transit (6 hours).

Third time was when staying in Villa Coco Seminyak in January 2018
You can read what happened in this TripAdvisor link: “Great Manager“.
Yes, all started from their “free beer/cocktail per day per person” promo that we should get from booking through their website, but front desk and even their manager did not know about it. Then it ended up with their front office responded like saying I am a working girl (ouch!!) because I am with a bule, who is my real boyfriend. What a j*rk! Then I heard their bule manager saying “I don’t care, just give what they want” from behind the door, next to front office. Then she went to see us just to say something like “better to not continue the issue and ruin our day. We will give you what you want” – not in a nice tone. No apology. We were so upset and just went for lunch, decided not to continue our stay there even we would lose all we paid for 6 nites, and went to look for other hotel nearby. Then at nite, they called to ask for my ID Card. I hesitated to give it because I was very upset plus we planned to check out the next day. But I gave it to them anyway. They gave us an apology letter but we don’t care. We check out the next day. The manager finally approached us to say sorry of what happened and offer us an upgrade. That is too late. We just wanted to get out of there asap. Front desk asked for my boyfriend bank account after saying they would refund our money but then they said they could not. What a b*llshit.
After tripadvisor published my review, the manager email my boyfriend, again to apologize for her staff behavior. Mentioning about Javanese – Balinese thing, which I don’t understand what that is (I am not Javanese or Balinese) and others. Eventually they refunded some of our payment for the remaining 3 nites stay.
Until now, I kept thinking… how come they treated me like that. Why the manager not simply said that she would check the problem or why we were upset at first, instead of dismissing it.
I never stay in a hotel, paid for 6 nites but wanted to check out as soon as possible. My boyfriend check in first and I arrived at 2 am, then had the problem around 2pm, and the next day, we check out around 2pm. It is not only my boyfriend but I also spent my money to stay there and I regretted it every single day. That was not the best holiday. We chose the wrong accommodation.

How about you?
– have you ever been treated unequal compared to foreign tourist in your own country?
– have you ever been misinterpreted as working girl when travelling alone in your own country?
– etc
if you have experienced it, feel free to share it in the comment below, with a note that I believe any of your comment here is truly yours and I held no responsibility whatsoever on the outcome by posting it here.

By the way, I came across to this post “Diskriminasi Di Rumah Sendiri” (discrimination in your own home). The writer mentioned something interesting, “In Bali, when local tourist is discriminated in term of service given, Bule/foreign tourist is discriminated in term of the pricing” hahaha… That is true though.

Back to the issue, it is sad that you still have to experience this kind of treatment in this era, especially in your own country. When I was in Bali last week, I did not see many foreign tourists as I usually seen. The hotel we moved to also have problem with their facility maintenance because of low number of tourists. Mount Agung eruption is a big factor of these. Hence, that is too bad and will be their lost if the people in service industry (hotel/villa/restaurant/etc) in Bali still treats local tourist differently. I am not sure if local tourist who has money will accept being treated that way.

I am lucky enough to be able to visit Thailand twice this year.
Plus I am glad it gave me my next writing materials for this blog again.

So… let me start with the most valuable topic first (imo) that most travelers look for,
“the transportation”.


I visited Bangkok, Koh Tao, and Patong, and these are the transportation route I took:


Don Muang airport – Mo Chit – Khaosan road/Rambuttri road/Thanon Thani road

March 2016

  • I took Airport Bus A1 from outside Terminal 1 arrival (next to exit gate 6). Just wait near the counter. You pay the fare inside (30bath). The bus is really good.
  • I got off at the second stop, that would be Mo Chit bus stop near Sky Train station Mo Chit BTS or exit 3 Catuchak Park MRT Station.
  • It was 15-20min ride from airport to Mo Chit.
  • The. i took regular bus number 3. Again pay inside (6.5-7 bath). Not bad if you are not in a hurry.
  • I got off at Wat Chanasongkram School bus stop, just between Thanon Thani Road (where Nappark Hostel located) and Rambuttri street (where many restaurants and Lomprayah office located).
  • Khaosan road is the next alley after Rambuttri street.
  • It was about 45min ride from Mo Chit to Khaosan


Don Muang airport – Mo Chit – Hua Lamphong train station

July 2016

  • Again I took Airport Bus A1 from Terminal 1, next to exit gate 6. The fare is still the same, 30 bath, but the bus is way older than the one I took in March.
  • I got off at Mo Chi bus stop. It was 20 min ride to Mo Chit.
  • I used MRT this time. The bus stopped just few step from MRT entrance (exit 3) Catuchak Park MRT Station.
  • After entering exit gate 3, I just follow the sign in to the ticket place. I bought the token at the ticket machine. Make sure you have coins with you. The fare is 42 bath to Hua Lamphong. It’s a bit tricky to buy the token for first time use. Thanks God they have English version. Even so, I did learn how to buy it from this youtube video: “MRT Bangkok – a guide to travel around Bangkok using the MRT Subway” (link: It’s very useful!
  • It took about 30 min from Mo Chit to Hua Lamphong MRT station.
  • There is an exit gate where you can go out from MRT station just next to the train station, so you can avoid crossing that traffic runabout. But I had to get out from exit gate 1, where 12Go Asia ( office in DOB building lies just in front of this gate. I had to take my ticket for 5pm train. It was 4.35pm when I reached their office due to the crazy queue in Don Muang. Luckily the staff just handed me the ticket to Chumphon and Koh Tao and I just ran crossing the traffic runabout without paying attention to my safety (not recommended for you to do this). I literally had no time to top-up my sim card. Lucky I still managed to buy water and got in the train by 4.50pm. That was a crazy day.

Fyi, it took me 2.5 hours to pass the immigration. It was high season and somehow the queue there was chaos. People in front just shifted line as much as they wanted. So crazy. I almost miss my train.

Khaosan road/Rambuttri road/Thanon Thani road – Mo Chit – Don Muang airport

July 2016

  • I crossed the street and walked about 5min to opposite direction of where I got off from regular bus number 3, which is a one way street. From Khaosan, just walk passed Rambuttri street, then Thanon Thani Road until passing a river, crossing red lights. Then you’ll find the road becomes 2 way street. Try to look for a bus stop sign which written bus number 3 and 524. It is Wat Sam Phraya bus stop, if I am not mistaken. I got 524 bus, AC, And I paid 14 bath until Mo Chit bus stop.
  • It was about 40min ride to Mo Chit.
  • Once you got off from the bus, try to look a sign written “Airport Bus A1 A2 to Dong Muaeng airport”. I took Airport Bus A2 this time and paid 30 bath inside.
  • The bus dropped me off in the departure hall Terminal 1 for international flight. For domestic flight, you can get off here as the two terminals are connected.
  • It was 15-20min ride from Mo Chit to Airport

Fyi, I took almost 2 hours for check-in and immigration process due to long queue. The queue and the people were crazy, not to mention the Chinese tourists group. It was high season. So just make sure you calculate your time properly when you want to fly from this airport.


Around Bangkok

March 2016

  • I went to Siam area and back to Khaosan using Grabbike service. Paid 100bath. It was crazy ride, just like tuktuk. Unfortunately, Grab doesn’t offer this service anymore in my next visit in July.


Bangkok – Koh Tao (lomprayah bus-fast boat)

March 2016

  • I took Lomprayah service, joint ticket bus and fast boat, for 1,100 bath. Bought the ticket at their office in Rambuttri, as soon as I reached Khaosan. The schedule to Koh Tao is from 9pm but people have started queuing for check-in since 7pm.
  • The bus came after 9pm. We were asked to wait in the park near Rambuttri intersection. The bus is convenient for sleeping and stopped one time after midnight at a place where you can find foods and drinks.
  • The bus reached Lomprayah pier around 6am.
  • At 7am the fast boat departed, first they stopped at Koh Nangyuang and 15min later they reached Koh Tao at 8.45am.

Bangkok – Chumphon – Koh Tao (train + lomprayah bus-fast boat)

July 2016

  • I tried to take train this time. I craved for more adventure and I had fun. I booked the tickets online at 12Go.Asia for the train to Chumphon (963 bath for Class II Sleeper AC, lower berth) and Lomprayah service from Chumphon train station to Koh Tao (904 bath). I was afraid of not getting the ticket due to high season. It is way cheaper if you buy it directly from the train station, which I read providing a special office for tourist in the station where we can also buy connecting ticket.
  • The train departed Hua Lamphon station at 5.10pm and reached Chumphon station around 2am, almost an hour delay.
  • At 5.30am, the Lomprayah office in the station open. Don’t forget to check in here and wait nearby as the bus will come around 6am in front of the station. So you need to be ‘awake’ and ‘aware’ which bus are you taking.
  • The bus arrived at the pier around 6.50am. Then we just went straight to check in counter, and got in another line to get into the boat.
  • The fast boat departed around 7am. First they stopped at Koh Nangyuang and 15min later they reached Koh Tao at 8.45am.

Koh Tao – Phuket (lomprayah fast boat-bus)

March 2016

  • The fast boat left about 6am. It is convenience. I bought the ticket at travel office in Big Blue Diving for 1,100 bath.
  • 3 hours later we arrived in Donsak pier. There are buses waiting soon as you got off the boat.
  • We stopped at a place where we could get some food/drink.
  • Then we arrived in Phuket around 3pm, in a place inside a gas station.

Koh Tao – Bangkok (lomprayah fast boat-bus)

July 2016

  • The fast boat left on time, at 2.45pm, check in starts from 1.30pm. I bought the ticket at Island Travel Koh Tao for 1,100 bath.
  • The ferry reached Chumphon pier around 3.15pm. Then I waited for like 30min for the bus to Bangkok.
  • As usual, it will stop at a place where we can grab some food/drink then we reached Bangkok around 1.30am, an hour delay.

Around Koh Tao

March/July 2016

  • Mae Haad pier – Sairee: I got free transfer from my dive center, Big Blue Diving. It was like 10min ride.
  • Sairee – Mae Haad pier: paid 200 bath for taxi transfer since I had to catch 6am boat. They picked me up at 5.30am. It was like 10min ride to the pier.
  • The most convenient way to go around is by motorbike. I browsed about it but I found some worrying storing about rental bike in Koh Tao, how they used passport to scam tourist that I decided not to rent one, not when I’m travelling alone. Even so, this rental shop looks trustable: Koh Tao Scooters (
  • My convenient way to get around here is by walking. I just enjoyed myself around Sairee. It is safe, even when I walked alone along the beach at night. Then I also had a friend to take me around in his motorbike ^^v .



Phuket – Patong (lomprayah minivan)

March 2016

  • There was a minivan waiting in the gas station where the bus stop. I paid 200 bath.
  • The ride took about 30min to Patong, if I am not mistaken.

Patong – Phuket airport

March 2016

  • I booked airport transfer from Patong Hemingway’s Hotel since I had to catch 8am flight. The fare for private car was 800 bath + early surcharge of 200 bath. It was expensive but I had no choice. Hopefully in the future, there will be plenty of Grabtaxi or Uber service there with reasonable price.

Geez.. It’ s been a long time since I checked this blog.

I can say 2014 was kinda a crazy year for me… mostly due to my study and work. There was even a point where I forgot that I had this blog LoL. Thanks God I passed that. I got my degree so no more stress for finals or papers etc… I’ve found a new job too which is a bit stress-free because I am doing what I am good at (mostly).

Then now, I am thinking to start writing again. Actually, there are some posts in my draft box. Those would be my old journals or hotel reviews. The contents are mostly ideas on how to write… But .. Hm… Have you ever had so many ideas in your head on what to write, how to write it, etc.. but at the end, you can’t finish what you write? Just like writing the topics only to get them out of your head.. But then, you don’t develop them. You don’t finish them. I had it a lot that I decided to start fresh. Just let go all those drafts and start a new post.

2014 was really a lazy time for me to write. I guess it is still now. You may have seen some posts with no pictures. I am sorry for that. I will remove the picture notes.

Meanwhile, let’s see if I can finish this one. Let’s review my trip in 2014 before I start writing new journal.





[ Uluwatu Temple ]

For the xx times, I visited Bali again. This time, I was sort of like a guide for my uncle’s family. Well, they like me being in charge with the itinerary so… Sometimes, I wonder how it’s like to be the participants instead :p

Anyway, what I enjoyed on this trip was the fact that there were 5 girls who have the same ‘party’ style so we could have an awesome nightout : )  Yeah, we had parties for sure plus visiting some beaches. I even visited Uluwatu Temple, finally… It’s ashamed for being able to visit this famous temple now, after visiting Bali so many times. But my fave on this trip was the dinner at Ultimo Restaurant, Seminyak. Yep, it’s the dinner, not a beach. I’ve been wanting to try this place and finally I made it. I love the pasta and pizza. Desserts (pina colada, tiramisu) are not my fave. But the price is very value! And the portion.. ow.. a lot!! This place is recommended!!

Then, we got a chance to visit Motel Mexicola and La Favela, both in Seminyak. These places were ‘happening’ (aka booming) that time. Motel Mexicola is a nice Mexican restaurant to chill out and chit chat with your friends while having tacos, margaritas, etc. The decor is very Mexicana. While La Favela is more exclusive and suitable for romantic dinner. I love its décor. Price is more expensive than Motel Mexicola.

As for hotel, I stayed in:

(1) Jesen’s Inn 2 in Bakung Sari street. The room is clean, pool is small but looks clean. Location is surrounded by souvenir stores with affordable price. But it’s a long walk, 20min to Bali Bomb Monument (Sky Garden Club) and even a longer walk to Kuta beach.

(2) Tune Hotel Legian within short walk to Legian beach but located in a quiet neighborhood. Love this place.

[ Motel Mexicola ]

motel mexicano 

motel mexicola motel mexicola

[ La Favela ]

la favela la favela

la favela

[ Ultimo Restaurant ]


[ Ayam Betutu ]

Local food lunch at Kuta: Ayam Betutu (fried chicken/steam chicken with spicy sauce/sambal), Sate Ayam Lilit(chicken satay), Lawar (spicy mixed veggie)

ayam betutu and balinese food

[ Pandawa Beach ]


pandawa 2

Overall, we (esp the girls) had a lot of fun ^^





[ Borobudur Temple ]

You may have read my post about this trip (“Exploring the Beach around Yogyakarta“), but let me put it in brief here.

I never thought I would be back to Yogyakarta since I’ve been there a lot! But my friends said that they would visit the beach, which I didn’t know such tourist spots were there. So, few weeks later, I found myself in Yogya.

I love the beach. It’s prohibited to swim there because of many rocks, but the place is still clean, still natural.

I love their local food “Gudeg”. If you don’t mind with a bit sweet food, you must try this!

As for hotel, we stayed in:

(1) Virgo 2 Inn in Wetan II alley, Sosrowijayan street. It’s new and clean. It’s near Malioboro street where all the crazy night life (shopping, food) happen here.

(2) EDU hostel, female dorm. It’s clean but many insects and crazily loud at night. The hostel is used for by students on school trips. Very disturbing!

[ Baron Beach ]



[ Krakal Beach ]


[ Yogyakarta King’s Palace ]

These ornaments are so adorable !! These were the mini-soldiers.



[ Gudeg, the local food ]


yogya  IMG_0223

Overall, it was an exciting trip. It’s always exciting if you go with your friends.




clown fish, kelagian kecil island in lampung province

Who would have thought that there would be this beautiful snorkeling site in the southern of Sumatera island, not too far from Jakarta. I’ve been to most snorkeling sites around Java island, Bali, and Lombok but I never thought of this place. I am so grateful that my friend telling me about it. I love most of the snorkeling sites here. Why? The view is awesome, the water is calm, and you can see a lot of Nemo within your reach. Unbelievable! The boatman said that there were many other beautiful sites but only for people who are good at snorkeling. Sadly, you’ll find a lot of people joining a snorkeling group who don’t know how to swim or snorkeling and they simply step or touch or kick the corals. I am so sad seeing that.

Anyway, you can read my detail story on “Hunting Nemo in Pahawang island, Sumatera”.

box fish, pahawang kecil island in lampung province crown of thorns starfish, tanjung putus island in lampung province

Overall, I love this island and I would be back! Highly recommended for snorkeling!!




I went back to Bali to free my mind of those finals headache. It was last day of final. Mostly, I was just relaxing on this trip, sleeping at the hotel. Well, I craved for many good night sleeps cause I hardly slept during finals for about a month prep. (crazy times).

Then I fell from my motorbike cause this stu**d guy (foreigner) suddenly cross a two-way street, without checking the traffic first. It was in Legian street, the main “big” street. D*#n! Luckily I drove slowly. So, for you who have never been to Bali, pleaseeee, I beg you to check on the road (see left and right) before crossing the street, even it’s just a small street.

The rest of the trip was so so. The party was not as awesome I thought it would be. There were 2 groups of girls who have different style of party… One group is suitable for Seminyak. The other is suitable for Kuta. We visited Potato Head, Kudeta, Sky Garden that night. But to be honest, I hardly enjoyed the party.

But hey, there were awesome times too. The night I checked out gay bars in Seminyak with my friends turned out to be an ‘awesome’ night. Then I had time to try this burger place, “Wacko Burger”, that looks so yummy… (taste good too)

As for hotel, I stayed in:

(1) Fourteen Roses Beach Hotel in Melasti street. I love this hotel. Very close to Kuta beach and Melasti souvenir market. I found a nice massage place in Melasti street, which I forgot the name. The room is old but clean. I love the little garden and swimming pool in the center. I would stay here again!!

(2) Grandmas Legian, Legian street. Room is small and clean enough. Staffs are kind. But they have this regular mosquito spray in the morning, causing smoke everywhere. They checked me on day 2 as well, whether I would extend, while my booking was for 2 nights. Imo, this is a nice hotel for short stay but that regular spray is pretty annoying. I won’t stay there again.

[ ‘Down Under’ burger @ Wacko Burger, Seminyak Food Village ]


Overall, it was just an okay trip. Plus, I lost my camera files too and the only one left is this burger photo lol. 😀

* * * * * * * * * *

some pictures are courtesy of Sy, Ti, Zm

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey.. I finish this post ^^/

Lastly, I always add this when new year starts…

The Blogging Annual Report from WordPress.

(I just pick up some interesting points)

Crunchy numbers

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,000 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people. The busiest day of the year was June 12th with 56 views. The most popular post that day was ☆ My Travel Tips to Bali island, Indonesia.

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pahawang island
<< pahawang island >>

It was mid of the year and I know I’d spend the rest of the year busy, mostly to prepare a research paper as one of my college graduation requirement. Yep, I am still studying and now in my last semester, hopefully it would be my last. So, before I start turning into this focus-very serious person who would have extremely limited free time for myself, I decided to have a trip to Pahawang island in Lampung province, the southern part of Sumatera (one of the big islands in Indonesia).

I learnt about Pahawang island from a colleague. She said I would be able to see nemo while snorkeling there. I browse the net to look for more info and found the place to be beautiful. So I decided to go there. I would love to spend this ‘last -me time-‘ hunting some nemo, even though I were wondering, would it be possible to find them without diving in deep sea?

Then I found an affordable trip to go there in an Indonesia backpacker forum, asked whether my colleague would like to join me, and a month later, we, a group of 4 colleagues and 2 friends, met up in Slipi Jaya mall to join other 20 participants for a snorkeling trip to Pahawang island…

…and this is a brief journal of our trip. Enjoy!

**author message**

The photos upload is under progress. It will take longer time for me to publish this post with complete photos so I decided to publish it before. Just stay tuned for the photo update!



August 2014

Day 1     Jakarta to Lampung/Bakauheni port

  • Meeting point with other members in Slipi Jaya Mall.
    Slipi Jaya Mall/Dunkin Donut shop is the common meeting point for participants in Central Jakarta who join a trip to Pahawang island or other islands around Sunda Strait. Any bus headed to Merak, the port where we take ferry to Lampung, will pass this Mall.
  • 7pm we took Milah bus to Merak port.
    It costs us Rp30k when taking this bus. The actual fare should be Rp25k, but we look like first timer that they charged us higher. Anyway, it was a 3 hours ride to Merak port.
  • Meeting point in Merak would be Indomaret.
    Again, it’s another common meeting point for this tour participants. Indomaret is a mini mart in front of the port entrance, about 5min walk from Merak bus terminal.
  • Dinner was Nasi Goreng [fried rice] at the local street hawker, near Indomaret. It tasted good or I was too hungry 
  • We took a ferry to Lampung (Bakauheni port). It departed around 11:30pm. Inside the ferry, I paid extra Rp10k to be in the executive room. The room looks like a lounge with nice sofa to sleep in. Probably a bit difficult to sleep in but with the help of Antimo, anti motion sickness pill, I could sleep that nite.

Day 2     Lampung/Bakauheni port to Pahawang island

  • We arrived in Bakauheni port around 3am.
  • Headed to Ketapang port by car (APV). We stopped at a mosque for a morning prayer and then at a small local warung (like hawker) on the road for breakfast.
  • We arrived at Ketapang port around 6-7am. It’s like a small port to take a boat to “Pahawang island”. The boat itself is very small. It’s a wooden boat with capacity up to 15 people, I guess.
  • An hour later, we finally arrived in Pahawang island. I was amazed with the amazing view along the boat ride. We passed many small islands, plenty of greens everywhere, not to mention the clear greenish water… Wow!!
  • We stayed in the locals’ house as our homestay. Please note that there is no electricity during daylight, though some own a generator. And if you are lucky, you got a chance to stay in that house. Me, unfortunately I was not that lucky. So I can only charge my camera and phone from 6pm-6am : (
  • After an hour rest and settling down our stuffs plus a short rest in a real bed, we started our snorkeling trip to “Gosongan island” and “Kelagian Kecil island”. Did I find nemo there? Yep, we found them.
  • We were back to Pahawang island around 12pm for lunch. The main menu is fish, I guess. Ok, I kinda forgot the time when we had each menu, so sorry to all readers who joined this trip and found out that the meal order is not correct. Back to the lunch, it was accompanied with crackers and spicy sambal [chili paste]. The taste is not bad.
  • After lunch, my friends and I got a chance to talk with the locals and found out about the big yummy Pisang Molen [like hand size long banana fritters fried in thicker batter]. This became my (our) favorite snack during snorkeling break.
    pisang molen/banana fritters at pahawang island
    pisang molen/banana fritters before fry, awang island  pisang molen/banana fritters at pahawang island  pisang molen/banana fritters at pahawang island
  • Continued the trip to snorkel in “Tegal island” and “Ma Item island” (again found nemo here).
  • Enjoyed sunset in “Pahawang Kecil island”.
  • Back to the main island around 6pm and straight to the bathroom. It was a long queue to take a bath since we shared one bathroom with other 10 people. Some took a bath in the public shower which is not recommended for the ladies 😀 Some took a bath together with their friends (same gender).
  • Dinner: we had a local food with shrimp as our main menu, plus the usual side dish. It tasted not bad. There should have been a barbeque afterwads, but I skipped it to take a rest. It had been a long journey, straight joining this tour after work then had like 14hours on the road, plus 8 hours snorkeling trip. I did really need to sleep in a ‘real bed’.

 Day 3     Exploring Pahawang island, back to Jakarta

  • I should have watched the sunrise that morning but I’m not a morning person. Especially not after those long ride and those activities (or maybe I’m getting old?). So I chose to sleep a bit longer and used the time left for packing.
  • We had squid as our breakfast menu with other usual side dish. This one is yummy ^^
  • Around 8am, we started our last snorkeling trip to “Tanjung Putus island” and “Pahawang Kecil island”. That morning boat ride is the one thing I will never forget on this trip. The water was so calm that I didn’t even feel like I was in an open sea. The surrounding by green trees on the islands we passed. The fogs that form like a mist, covering the islands. It was so beautiful. Unbelievable! Amazingly beautiful!morning view on the islands nearby
    Then added with the next two snorkeling spots we visited, another perfect places to hunt nemo (many of them there). The corals and marine life are so fascinating ! OMG. LOVE IT!!
  • We were back to the main island around 11am, started packing the wet clothes and my snorkeling gears, then had a yummy fried Rebon [sort of fried small crabs cake] really crunchy. I like Rebon so I enjoy my last meal in Pahawang island :p Well, I enjoyed it all on my last day there.
  • We left Pahawang island around 1pm, heading to Ketapang port by boat. There, a car had awaited to take us back to Bakauheni.
  • On the way to to the port, we stopped at Yen Yen souvenir shop. It’s more like a snack store with their main snack: “banana crackers”. I just learned that day that Banana is quite famous in Lampung (:bummer: I supposed to know it as Indonesian, cause my friends know it). Durian as well, so we had some durian in front of “Yen Yen store”. Tasted yummy! Durian is always yummy :p Then we continued the ride. Geez, the driver drove so fast like in a race or something. Scary!!
  • We finally arrived at Bakauheni port and took the 6pm ferry to Merak port. Again we upgraded our ticket for an executive room. This time the room is not as good as previous one. No sofa, only some big comfy seats in a row. Hpf… I slept along the way (tried to). We arrived Merak around 9pm and then from Merak bus terminal, we took Primajasa bus to Jakarta/Kampung Rambutan terminal. It was a very long journey, 12 hours in total from Pahawang island to my home in East Jakarta. BUT it was a wonderful journey.


I can’t wait to go back to this island, and next time, it should be more that 2D/1N trip.

**expense report is below**



“Merak port and bus terminal”

Merak bus terminal is not that big. It’s connected with the port, about 10m walk. Along the way, there are many snack stores, souvenir shops, hawkers and a minimart/Indomaret.

Merak port itself is quite big. I walk about 10min from the entrance gate to the ferry. They use electronic ticket that might be tricky in the entrance gate. The machine might reject the card as experienced by my friend. Just make sure you keep the receipt if you don’t want to buy another one.

“Ketapang port”

It takes about 2-3 hours ride to reach this port. It is a small port, more like small boats dock. You will see some wooden passenger boats here. One of those boats will take you to Pahawang island or other nearby island, I guess.

“Yen Yen snack store”

I learnt that this is a famous souvenir shop in the city. It’s about an hour ride from Ketapang port. The most wellknown snack is their banana crackers. It has vary flavors, chocolate, cheese, sweet, etc. My fave would be coffee flavor. Price is very affordable.

“Homestay in Pahawang island”

Adding my description above, the homestay I got has 2 bedrooms. These rooms are occupied by the girls. I shared it with 4 girl friends. Meanwhile the boys slept in the living room and common room using a bed put on the floor. There are limited electric sockets so make sure you bring some cable extension. The electricity is 12 hours only. The downside would be the bathroom which only one there and very minim lights at nite.

“Pahawang island”

The island is big but not much people living there. Houses are mostly found near the port. I tried to explore it at nite, but most of the areas are still woods that I don’t wanna walk that farther. There is no white sandy beach as the pictures I found in internet. However, the people are nice and kind. It’s like living in a small village, away from the hectic city, which I really need. Although I found out that it is an epidemic area for Malaria, I won’t hesitate to visit it again. Well, the locals informed the tour organizer that it’s just a rumour. But hey, I won’t take any chances so I (and my friends) took some preventive actions. Me, I took Resochin as preventive medicine, and drink it a week before trip, on the day of my arrival in the island, and the next four weeks after the trip, which all should be drink in the same day. Lets say you’ll be in Pahawang island on Thusrday, so I took it on Thursday a week before, on Thurdays of the arrival day, and on each Thursday for the next 4 weeks after the trip. I even still drink it till today. There are other medicines that you don’t have to take as long as mine. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to look for it.

“Gosongan island”

This is the first site we snorkeled. The water is calm, like a giant swimming pool. The corals is about 5-6m below. Most of the corals are dead. At first, I could not find Nemo which is quite popular attraction when snorkeling here. a bit questioning the info, but then my friend found it. Yay!! It’s my first time seeing nemo when snorkeling. Usually I found them when diving. There is also the black nemo… Amazing!! Visibility was good that time but unfortunately many participants put too much bread on the water. Ow.. my photos are full with small white dots cause of it ><”

“Kelagian Kecil island”

It is a better snorkeling site than Gosongan island. The water is calm, many floral corals there. Too bad the corals look dead/white color. But we found nemos here ^^ It’s so like hunting the nemos. Amazing!

clown fish, kelagian kecil island in lampung province
<< nemo >>

black clown fish, kelagian kecil island in lampung province  pipe fish, kelagian kecil island in lampung province
<< left – right: black nemo – pipe fish >>


“Tegal island”

The water is great to learn how to snorkel. It’s calm and deep enough. But the visibility is so low. Hard to see above 3m. My friend said she found nemo there but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, I am not comfortable when I can’t see what’s beneath or around me that i was just swimming around for like 15min.

“Ma Item island”

This island has this long white sandy beach that looks like a path in the middle of the ocean. When facing the island, the water on my left would be the place to drop the participants. And on the right, it is a shallow water (50cm deep) full with small rocks and fish. If you are good at swimming/floating, try to swim about 15m from the beach and you will find 2 big nemos, in red and black, near the place which looks like a sinking boat. The water is not clear that I can’t recognize it. But I know nemo once I see it. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery. If not, it would be so easy to take their picture. They are so close!!

“Pahawang Kecil island”

We visited this island twice. First was for sunset. It was so lovely walking in the white sandy beach which is also like a path but the cool thing about this one is that it goes til the other island, like connecting two islands. Wow!! The view is amazing!

The next visit is for snorkeling. This island seems to have been a commercial one. I can see beachfront café and hotel on the beach. And the underwater… OMG! It’s like 2-3m deep with big corals and colorful one. I can see bat fish, angel fish, and again the nemo. The water is very clear as well. WOW!! I can spend hours just swimming around the site. I would love to go back there.

Be carefull when you drop off from boat. You might hit the rocks because it looks deep but it is not that deep.

snorkeling in pahawang kecil island, lampung province
<<view around the snorkeling site>>

box fish, pahawang kecil island in lampung province
<<yellow box fish>>

<<pahawang kecil island video>>


“Tanjung Putus island”

This site is as beautiful as Pahawang Kecil. It’s deeper though but wider. You can find many schools of small coral fish.

crown of thorns starfish, tanjung putus island in lampung province
<<crown of thorns starfish>>

<<tanjung putus island video>>


[US$ 1 = Rp10k-12k]

Tour price = Rp450k, including the following

  • Ferry to/from Merak – Bakauheni
  • Car to/from Bakauheni – Ketapang
  • Boat to/from Ketapang – Pahawang island and to the islands nearby
  • Snorkeling trips, include floating jacket. Other gears (mask, snorkel, fin) should be rented. It’s Rp50k/day.
  • One nite homestay
  • Meals: 2 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 barbeque and mineral water in the island/on the boat
  • This tour organizer is “Gila Nusantara”, a group of young backpackers I found in the traveler forum “Backpackers Indonesia”. My opinion about them would gonna be not so good. They lacked of organizer skills, not intuitive, not sharing information in detail. I don’t even know that the electricity there is only for 12 hours. I just found out that Pahawang island is one of epidemic areas for Malaria. They didn’t inform us the agenda of the day etc. This is the second time I joined a group of backpackers travelling together, and if they are just backpackers sharing trip cost, I have no problem with it. But if they called themselves a tour organizer, then they do need a lot of improvement on how to organize a trip. So honestly, I won’t join them for other trips.


To/from Jakarta-Merak

  • Milah bus = Rp30k (supposedly 25k) from Slipi Jaya, Jakarta
  • Primajasa bus = Rp25k to Kp.Rambutan terminal, Jakarta
  • Upgrade to executive class in the ferry = Rp8-10k

(lunch, dinner, snacks)

  • Nasi goreng in Merak port = Rp10k
  • Pisang Molen [giant banana fritter] = Rp1k/piece
  • Mineral water = around Rp5-7k/1 liter bottle at the port and in the island.
  • Yen Yen banana crackers = Rp8-10k
  • Durian small size = Rp25k


  • Public toilet = Rp2-3k
  • Tips for boatman and homestay = Rp60k each




Photos are also courtesy of : Zamr, Nni, Ciaobella

All the images here are copyright of the author and their respective owners.





 << view of krakal beach from above the hill of bukit idaman >>

I’ve been to Yogyakarta, also known by the locals as “Jogja”, for quite a few times. So when my friend asked me to travel there early this year, I was a bit hesitate. But then they told me they wanted to visit my fave destination aka the beach, I instantly changed my mind ^^ To be frank, I don’t know about any beach in Jogja, but apparently there are some nice beaches in the southern part. These are the places I haven’t explored. So few months later, I found myself back to the center of Javanese culture, Jogja, with my friends whom also my coworkers and this is some highlights of our journey.

**author message**

The photos upload is under progress. It will take longer time for me to publish this post with complete photos so I decided to publish it before. Stay tuned for the update



May 2014

Day 1  Jakarta – Yogyakarta by train

Day 2  Strolling down the city

  • Looking for hotel in “Sosrowijayan street”, near Tugu station
  • Check in at “Virgo 2” Inn in Wetan II alley
  • Visiting “King’s Palace”, “Alun Alun Utara” [North Main Square]
  • Moved to our hostel, “Edu Hostel”
  • Late lunch at Wijilan Street to have my fave local food, “Gudeg”
  • Souvenir hunting at Malioboro street
  • Dinner at “Solaria” resto in Malioboro Mall

Day 3  Exploring the southern beach/Gunung Kidul district

  • Breakfast at hostel
  • Visiting Baron beach, Indrayanti beach,
  • Lunch: indomie instant noodle at this small shop on the beach (Indriyanti Beach)
  • Visiting Drini beach, Krakal beach
  • Dinner at “SS” resto, stands for Serba Sambal [everything’s chili] in the city
  • Batik shopping at stores near King’s Palace and Malioboro Street


Day 4  Exploring the northern part

  • Breakfast at hostel
  • Buying Jogja snack, “Bakpia Patok 25”, directly in its factory near the hostel
  • Visiting “Borobudur Temple”
  • Lunch at “Raminten Restaurant” in Kaliurang area
  • Visiting Alun Alun Selatan [South Main Square] to try our luck crossing the twin banyan and this cute car I called “fast and furious ala Jogja”
  • Souvenir hunting at Jogja famous tshir, “Dagadu” store, in Alun Alun utara
  • Hangout at the hostel rooftop
  • Dinner at Kopitiam in Sosrowijayan street

Day 5  Yogyakarta – Jakarta by train

  • Headed to Tugu train station after breakfast
  • Good bye Jogja

**expense report is below**


“Tugu Train Station”

Tugu train station in Jogja looks very different than my last visit there, 7 years ago. Cleaner, more organized.

“Sosrowijayan Street”

When exiting the station, as usual we were greeted with people offering their service for transport or looking a place to stay for us. Just ignored them. It was about 3.30am. We actually had made our reservation at a hostel that day, but check in time is 3pm. So in that early hour, we decided to find cheap hotel nearby and off we go, walking to Sosrowijayan street.

According to other travelers’ blog, Sosrowijayan street is the place for backpacker. There are areas with very affordable hotel/motel/guesthouse here. It took us about 10min walk to reach this street and again, we were greeted with strangers offering us to help finding a place to stay. We tried to ignore them but we couldn’t. We were tired anyway so we decided to accept the help and informed the guy to bring us to 1001 hotel (more like a motel) or if it’s full, any hotel that could meet our budget. Then he led us to this small alley, Gang Wetan II, where this 1001 hotel located. Apparently this hotel was full. So the guy showed us another guesthouse nearby, Virgo 2 Inn. It’s clean, new building, and there’s undergoing construction. The price is Rp150k, not bad for that kind of room, so we took it.

<< sosrowijayan street at daytime >>

<< gang wetan II >>

“Keraton Yogyakarta [The Kings Palace]”

OK, I have to tell you that I skipped visiting this place. My reason, I have visited it for quite enough time that I don’t feel like wanna visit it. Instead, I spent the time to get some rest from the long train ride. But I can show you some pictures my friends took here.

<< ornaments of soldiers >>

“Baron beach”

It was like 2 hours ride from our hostel. The view is great here. There are like two coves. One is where the ocean enters and forms this small bay and then goes to the left (my ride side when facing the ocean), forming another smaller bay with beautiful green trees surrounding it. It looks more like a lake than a beach. Baron beach itself is full with fishing boats and small-crabs farmers. There are some souvenir shops and places to eat. There is also a sign to prohibit swimming in the area. Too bad. Well, all the south beaches are not recommended for swimming. If you know about the Legend of Ratu Pantai Selatan (the Queen of South Zbeach Ocean), then you will understand why. Overall, the view in Baron beach is awesome!

<<baron beach>>

“Indriyanti beach”

It was about 30min ride from Baron beach. Indriyanti beach is a long stretch white sandy beach. It’s actually in the same strips with Drini beach and Krakal beach, each separated in a bay-form and Indriyanti beach has the longest bay. You can find many beachfront cafes here. The cafes on the beach are the most expensive but the small shops like the place I ate fried instant noodles is quite cheap. We took some great picture there.

<<indriyanti beach>>

“Drini beach”

This bay was like 20m long. Small on but not bad for taking pictures ^^.

<<drini beach>>

“Krakal beach” and “Bukit Idaman [dream heights]”

Krakal beach has a long white sandy beach as well, just like Indriyanti beach. The beach itself has less water that time, probably the sea was on low tide. The interesting part on this beach is the a hill at the end of it, called Bukit Idaman [dream heights]. You can see the beautiful view of Krakal beach till Indriyanti beach from uphill. Awesome!!

<<krakal beach>>

<<krakal beach, view from Bukit Idaman>>

“Borobudur temple” and “Borobudur Museum”

Borobudur temple is about 2 hours ride from the hostel. It was crowded there due to long weekend and a day before was Vesak day, where its ceremony is held in this temple to celebrate Buddha big day. Funny thing when I am about to enter the gate, the officer stop me when I was about to put my ticket. She taught I were a foreigner. My friend were to far in front of me that I couldn’t call them. Thanks God I could make her believe that I am 100% Indonesian ><” back to the temple, again, I skipped exploring it. Too hot, to high, too crowded. Instead, I visited the museum. I’d never been here and I found this museum to be interesting for a perso who doesn’t like museum like myself 😀 There are displays of pictures during the renovation and restoration of the temple, the artificial statue and temple itself where we can see how to built the temple etc. Thse displays and the explanation of the guide man drew my intention to know more about the temple. Unfortunately, I had limited time and there are still 2 rooms to ‘examine’. Maybe next time.

<<Borobudur temple>>

<<temple restoration>>

<<how to lock the stones>>

“Alun-alun Utara [North Main Square]”

This place is used as bus parking lot till afternoon. Then you can find it like nite market from late afternoon. I like the fried snack sold by street vendors here, it’s called “kue ketawa” [smily cake], tastes sweet like fried bread.

<<kue ketawa>>

“Alun-alun Selatan [South Main Square]”

This place is wellkown for the Pohon Beringin Kembar [twin banyan trees], in which there is a belief that if you manage to cross between these trees, your wish will come true. I managed to cross it on my forth attempt. I dunno would that mean my wish will come true?? 😀

Another attraction is this cute car I called “fast and furious ala Jogja”. It’s actually like a carnaval car, where you paddle it or like a bike decorated in car shape plus lights.

<< Pohon Beringin Kembar [twin banyan trees]>>

<<fast & furious car ala Jogja>>

“Malioboro street”

This street is well-known for shopping and food center expecially at nite. Don’t forget to bargain hard when shopping at the street vendors! Don’t forget to ask the price before eating at any restaurant especially the street hawkers!!

<<malioboro street>>

“Dagadu Tshirt Store” in Alun-alun Utara

Dagadu is the most well-kown Tshirt brand in Jogja. Locals usually bought it as souvenir. The unique of this Tshirt is the funny writing or picture on the Tshirt. Plus the colors is varied and suitable for teenagers to adults.

<<dagadu tshirt>>

“Mirota Batik Store” in Malioboro street

This place is like the souvenir shops. It has 2 floors. You can find Batik, key chain, bags etc here with fixed price (cannot bargain). On holidays/weekends, this store is packed with customers.

“Wijilan street”

This street is well-known as the center of Jogja food, “Gudeg”. The most visited restaurant would be “Gudeg Bu Yu Djum” It tastes not bad. They serve dry version of Gudeg while I use to eat a more juicy one.

<<gudeg yu djum>>

“House of Raminten Restaurant”

There are about 2 locations of this restaurant and the one we visited is Kaliurang branch. This restaurant is well-known for the affordable local food. The Kaliurang place also offers great view in the back. Although the serving might took long time and need some patients with their waitresses, the food tastes great and value! Each of us ordered appetizer, a set menu, drink, a dessert, and in total, it was only Rp150k. Wow!! It’s highly recommended!!

<<house of raminten and its decor>>

“SS Restaurant”

The driver showed us this place. I’ve been to its branch in Jakarta but I just learned that it originally comes from Jogja hahaha… Well, this restaurant is famous with their sambals (chili). They have like more than 50 chilli or I called it like more than 50 ways of serving the chilli. The price is also very affordable. We ordered like 20 plates at it costs only Rp150k

<<SS restaurant>>

“Kopitiam Restaurant” in Sosrowijayan street

We chose this restaurant for our hangout place on the last nite in Jogja. It was Saturday nite and the live band is not bad. The place is lovely and the staffs are kind. Unfortunately the food is not that good. Hope they can fix that soon.

<<kopitiam restaurant>>

“Solaria Restaurant” in Malioboro Mall

There are many Solaria in Indonesia, including Jakarta. This one is located on the basement of Malioboro Mall. We ate there because we didn’t know where to go on our first nite in the city. Plus it lies in front of Foodhall supermarket where we bought our drinks and snack supplies.

“Bakpia Patok 25” Factory

Bakpia is the famous Jogja snack. I love it a lot!! It’s like small bread stuffed with sweet green bean/chocolate/cheese paste. If you would like to buy a fresh Bakpia, you should buy directly from the factory. They also sell other snacks like crackers etc.

<<bakpia patok>>



[US$ 1 = Rp10k-12k]


“Virgo 2 Inn”

Room rate = Rp150k/nite for a fan room with double bed and no breakfast

It’s located in Gang Wetan II, Sosrowijayan street or about 15min walk from Tugu station. When exiting this station, just walk straight to Malioboro street. Sosrowijayan street will the second street on on your right with Circle K in the corner. Gang Wetan II is also on your right, it’s like 5-10m walk along Sosrowijayan. Then Virgo 2 Inn will be n the left before 1000 Malam hostel.

This Inn is quite nice and clean. It was almost 4am. Once I am settled my things, I cleaned up then go straight to bed. Overall, it was a nice place to stay (★★★). I would give 4-5 stars if they have pool and breakfast J

<<virgo inn 2>>

“EDU Hostel”

Room rate = Rp80k/bed in 6beds female dorm with 2 showers and 1 toilet inside, Air Conditioned, including breakfast.

It’s located within 2km from Sosrowijayan street. Lets say Virgo 2 inn is in the northern part of Malioboro street, while EDU hostel is in southern part of Malioboro street.

The hostel itself looks clean, awesome rooftop, the staffs are kindly, and breakfast is good. Unfortunately, they use it as the student place to stay during their school trip. So it’s extremely crowded and you can hear them shouting at nite. Even the teacher banged at our door, waking us up, thinking that our dorm is also their students’. Then we found some small cockroaches in the room, bathroom, and inside our lockers. Plus their security guard is so rude when we asked his help to find us a taxi. Geez… Overall, I would think twice to return to this place ().

<<edu hostel>>

For further story, please go to my review in my this blog:



“to Jogja”

We took Senja Utama Yogya,a business train, costs about Rp167k.

It was Wednesday afternoon, nice weather. The train departed from Pasar Senen station Jakarta as scheduled, heading to Tugu station Jogja. All seats were occupied. I guess people used that time to go to their hometown or like us, for a break of our routines, especially work. I have to admit that working in Jakarta is a bit stressful hahaha. The train ride took about 10 hour, supposedly 9 hours if no delay. It is a long journey. The train is air conditioned. The seat was like sitting on a bench with a bit soft seat. Not really comfy for a long ride and a bit difficult to sleep. But hey, it’s a good bargain! We traveled on long-weekend holiday and that time, the flight ticket was like 3x of this fare. Plus I had my friends who made it an enjoyable ride. But again, please note that the seat is not comfy for sleeping so I won’t recommend it for traveler who wants to have a good night rest there.

<<inside senja utama train>>


“from Jogja”

We took Taksaka Pagi, an executive train which costs about Rp320k.

We departed Tugu station as scheduled and arrived in Jakarta at Gambir station. I’ve tried other executive train eg. Agro Bromo, Parahyangan, Sembrani and I found that this train to be the cleanest among them. Toilet is not bad. The décor is in white and red color. It looks bright. Love it!

<<inside taksaka pagi train>>

**don’t forget to buy your ticket in advance, especially on long weekend/holidays. We bought our tickets through soon as online purchase started. You can buy directly Indonesia Train official website as well :   (online purchase opens 90days prior departure)

“around Jogja”

  • Car rental = Rp250k for 10hours, only for the car.
    We spent like Rp1million in total for 2days rental fee, gas, driver tips, parking fee, etc. It’s quite expensive renting a car here. In Bali, I can get Rp400k for 12 hours INclude gas and driver.
  • Becak = Rp15k from hostel to Alun-Alun Utara/Malioboro street/Sosrowijayan street
    It’s the most common way to reach a place which too far to reach by walk and too short to reach by taxi. Make sure you check on the route before taking Becak. They might intentionally drop you in the wrong spot 😀
  • Delman [horse card] = Rp50k from Malioboro street to our hostel which is less than 2km. Expensive but it was enjoyable ^^
  • Taxi
    I found out that they don’t only have the regular size taxi (sedan type) but also larger size one (Toyota avanza). Both cost the same. They charged us Rp50k from Sosrowijaya street to hostel and from hostel to train station, which is only 2km away. I think you can get like 20-30k if you travel alone or with a friend.
  • parking fee = around Rp2k-10k. Tourism object like Borobudur temple might charge you higher.



Meals (lunch, dinner, snacks)

  • Kue Ketawa snack in main square = Rp2k each
  • Mineral water = around Rp5-7k/1 liter bottle. I would recommend buying your drink supply in supermarket in Malioboro Mall.
  • Solaria restaurant = around Rp150k /5 persons
  • Raminten restaurant = Rp154k /5 persons. We ordered a lot, trust me!
  • SS restaurant = around Rp150k /5 persons. We ordered a lot, trust me!
  • Koitiam restaurant = around Rp170k /5 persons
  • Indriyanti beach: indomie instant noodle = 10k, fresh coconut = Rp10k
  • Bakpia pathok snack = around Rp30k /box for cheese and green bean flavor at the factory
  • Kurnia pathok snack = Rp40k /box, cheese flavor at train station shop


  • Dagadu tshirt = Rp75k
  • Batik at shop in Malioboro street = ranging from Rp30k-100k
  • Entrance to Baron beach = Rp10k/person
  • Entrance to Borobudur temple = Rp30k/person / locals
  • Entrance to Bukit Idaman = Rp2k
  • King’s Palace: Entrance = Rp5k/person, camera fee = 5k/camera
  • Casual Batik Bag = Rp25k
  • Sandals = Rp20k, you can get Rp15k if you bargain hard.



MAPS Jogja Trip May 2014



Photos are also courtesy of : Syl, Aiank, Tw, Su.


It is my post on other blog of mine… but this post is related with this blog, I guess.. One thing for sure… all my travels to Bali made me having these thoughts….

Mixed-Up Things

I’ve been coming back and forth to Bali for the past 6 years. My first visit was actually 14 years ago, I was like 20 that time. But I fell in love with the island 6 years ago, when my friend left me alone here on my birthday (d**n) and let me exploring the island all by myself, including the secluded (couple) area. Good thing, that trip changed me to be who I am now., someone who loves underwater, beach, sunset, affordable western food, laid back nite life, and all the stuffs this island offers.

Most of all, the beaches…. Just see these views.. Ow… I would love to see it everyday if I could.

My fave legian beach

pandawa beach, south of bali

Pandawa beach in south of bali

petitengget beach, seminyak

Maybe my main reason for loving this island is that it’s like stress-free. My work now is kinda stressed me up sometimes (or many times). I work like 46 hours a week / 5 days…

View original post 251 more words

Hm.. another journal from 2012 that I haven’t completed. 2012 indeed a very lazy time for me to write :p
but there are some interesting part on this trip that I like and it’d be a waste if I don’t share it.


petitengget beach, seminyak

[ Petitengget Beach, Seminyak ]


July 2012

Imo, Seminyak is a high class area in Bali. It’s well-known for its exclusivity .. exclusive clubs, cafes, boutiques, restaurant etc. I was a bit bored with Kuta so this time, I tried to stay here. Turned out, I enjoyed it ^^ It’s kinda remind me of Kemang area in Jakarta.

Day 1 – Saturday

My sister and I flew to Bali using Air Asia and for the second time, the flight delayed for about 30min. Hope it won’t be the same next time I fly with it. We arrived in Bali around 1pm. Bali airport is still under renovation. We had to walk a very long lane to the international terminal to reach the taxi place. I planned to walk until the exit gate to catch my fave Blue Bird taxi  but unfortunately, the route to exit gate has been moved, much more farther that I’d have to take another long walk to reach the public road.  So we tried to find a taxi nearby and luckily there was a Toyota Innova driver who offered us a transfer for Rp.80,000 till our hotel. A bit expensive from Blue Bird taxi but we have no option. Luckily we met our friends on the flight. We planned to meet them in Bali. So we became a group of 4 girls and split the taxi fare to be more affordable ^^

It took about 30 min to reach Fave Hotel Seminyak. It’s located in one of the famous nite entertainment street called Dyana Pura. This street is also known for its gay bars at nite while at noon, there is not much people on the road. Well, at least, much lesser than in Poppies Lane Kuta 😀

The hotel staffs welcomed us friendly. We could check-in soon after we arrived. Good service!! The room is nice too. It’s small but very clean!! Finished with all unpacking things, we started to find motorbike rental. We got it for Rp.50k/day through the hotel staff. Then it’s time to start our agenda that day.

First agenda was to eat at Ultimo Restaurant. After a few wrong turns and getting lost a lot, we found the place. Unfortunately it opened from 5pm so we decided to try Babi Guling Pak Malen (Roasted Pork) in Sunset Road. Again, we got lost but when we found it, it was close only for that day ><” . Geez… we had spent more than one hour wondering around for nothing with an empty stomach ><” We ended up eating Burger King in Sunset Mall, across Babi Guling Pak Malen.

Burger King, Sunset Road
[ burger king ]

Second agenda was to see sunset from Petitengget beach. Last time I visited this beach was 2 years before and it took my mind away. Why? Because there is no many people and surfer there that you can really enjoy seating on the beach, looking at the waves etc. It gave me peace at heart ^^  We were there for about 1.5 hour. It was hot with cold wind breezing. Oh.. I love this beach. The sunset view was beautiful that afternoon

Unexpectedly, we saw a ‘drama’ on the beach. There was this black dog chasing his master who was surfing and it got trap within the wave. Then a girl (a friend of the dog owner) tried to save his dog but she got trapped in the water too. So all Baywatch scene started. A coast guard tried to save the girl, she almost reached the shore but got trapped within the waves again. Then a surfer come rescuing her, putting her in his surf board and pushing it to the shore. Meanwhile the coast guard tried saving the dog. Ow.. That was so awesome!! The surfer was awesome too and very handsome LoL. Lucky her!

Petitengget Beach
[ so many pets in this beach ]

many dogs here @petitengget beach, seminyak
[ left pic, the black dog and girl who were trapped within the waves ]

We made a stop to buy some supplies in Bintang Supermarket on our way back to hotel. They have a liquor store in the back with affordable price. We bought a small vodka for about Rp60k as a booze before enjoying the nitelife. We planned to go to Ku De Ta and Woobar that usually have most crowds on Saturday. First stop was Woobar and we ended up just going to this bar, which we didn’t regret it. Woobar had a silent party that nite where we danced around while hearing the music through headphone. There were 3 DJs with different kind of musics that we could choose. It’s our first silent party and really awesome. People are actually dancing.. Cool! But like most clubs in Seminyak, they close at 2am. So my friends and I continued it at Double Six clubs ^^ It was a great girls nite out!!

W Hotel W Hotel Lounge at nite
[ woobar at w hotel ]

Silent Party @ Woobar, no loud music, except on the headphone
[ silent party, no loud music except from your headphone ]

Silent Party @ Woobar, no loud music, except on the headphone

Day 2 – Sunday

The morning was about taking a rest after a long nite out or the coming nite out ^^ But we didn’t wanna miss the free breakfast which was simple but quite tasty. I luv their chicken wings… then back to bed.

Bfast @ Fave Hotel Seminyak
[ fave hotel breakfast ]

We finally got our head straight around 2pm or maybe our stomach woke us up. We tried to check out Babi Guling Pak Malen again and yes, it was open!! We ordered the complete set and d**n it tasted really good. Not because of starving, but it really tasted that good. I’ve tried Babi Guling/Suckling Pig meal in Ubud (Ibu Oka) and in Denpasar (Pak Chandra) but this Pak Malen’s is the best one among them.

Set Menu, Special Roasted Pork @ Pak Malen
[ Pak Malen Suckling Pic ]

Got our stomach full, we drove to Melasti street to buy some souvenirs. It’s the most affordable place I know to buy clothes . Then headed up to La Planca beach cafe which seems popular that time. You can seat in their big pillow while drinking your cocktail to watch sunset. It was full with people that time and it opens till midnight. Cool!

La Planca in the afternoon @ Double Six  La Planca at nite @ Double Six
[ La Planca beachcafe ]

Then it’s come the time to enjoy the nite. But before that, my sister and I went for a massage in Legian area. It’s about 10min taxi drive from Seminyak but that massage place is the only place we know to get affordable massage. Again back to nitelife, it was an awesome girls nite out in Legian and Doube Six clubs.

Day 3 – Monday

Back to Jakarta with an early flight, which was cancelled and we were shifted to the second flight. Hm…  but no choice, we had to go back to work ^^


Fave Hotel Seminyak

location:  Jalan Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura) No. 9A, Seminyak, Bali – Indonesia

room rate: USD 38 through for twin bed, AC include bfast

For more review on this accommodation, please visit my other blog:
” My Stay at Fave Hotel Seminyak ”

(USD1 = Rp10k)

<This price might be changed since there was a 30% increment of fuel price in August 2013>


  • Transfer by Innova Car (Airport-Hotel) : Rp. 80,000
  • Motorbike rental : Rp.50,000/day
  • Taxi
    – Seminyak to Legian : Rp.25,000
    – Legian club to Fave Hotel : Rp.30,000
    – Fave Hotel to W Hotel : Rp.30,000
  • Parking fee
    – Petitengget beach : Rp.2,000
    – Double Six : Rp.2,000
    – Melasti Street Traditional Market : Rp. 2,000
    – Bintang Supermarket : Rp. 2,000
    – Kuta beach : Rp. 2,000

Meals & Drinks

  • Babi Guling Pak Malen, full set + orange juice : around Rp35-40k
  • La Planca Beach café, sangria/wine punch which tastes more like water and wint : around Rp40k
  • Woobar in W Retreat Hotel, promo Vodka mix: Rp75k
  • Sky Garden, entrance for local : Rp75k, summer berries cocktail : Rp60-75k depends on the hour you buy
  • La Vida Loca, weird martini : Rp60k
  • Mineral Water : Rp3-5k, Vodka small bottle at Bintang Supermarket : around Rp60k

more about food, please visit my post  Foods in Bali


  • Massage : Rp. 55k for an hour traditional body massage
  • Beach short pants : Rp. 20-25k each 


et cetera
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