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Hello World Travelers,
Hi Pecinta Traveling,

I see that this blog still bring traffic to my website. So even though I have moved old posts (below) to my personal wordpress domain, TravellingAngelStory.com, I will put some highlight of my latest posts here.

Karena blog ini masih memberikan traffic ke personal domain wordpress, TravellingAngelStory.com, maka saya akan tulis juga highlight dari postingan terbaru saya di sini.


Travelling Angel Story


Down here, I put a list of all old posts from this blog and link it to my new blog. Although so,  please access my new blog, Travelling Angel Storyfor more updated post.

Di bawah ini, saya tuliskan daftar semua posting lama dari blog ini dengan link ke blog terbaru saya. Walaupun demikian, mohon akses blog baru saya, Travelling Angel Storyuntuk postingan terupdate.

Cheers ^^/

POSTS (2009-2017)

General topic, Tips & Guide

Traveling Around Indonesia

Bali & Lombok

Java (east, west, central) & Yogyakarta

Jakarta and its nearby areas, Sumatera

Traveling Around Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia


Versi Bahasa Indonesia !!!


Trip report di blog ini juga ada yang saya publish di Kaskus.


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7 Comments Add yours

  1. antondewantoro says:



  2. TBM says:

    I usually only bring a backpack as well. Happy travels


    1. novangely says:

      😉 It’s the most convenient way to travel around..


  3. winnymarch says:

    hi angel.. i like ur journey and ur blog.


    1. novangely says:

      Thanks Winny,
      Your blog is quite interesting as well ^^


      1. winnymarch says:

        same hehehe


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