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Geez.. It’ s been a long time since I checked this blog.

I can say 2014 was kinda a crazy year for me… mostly due to my study and work. There was even a point where I forgot that I had this blog LoL. Thanks God I passed that. I got my degree so no more stress for finals or papers etc… I’ve found a new job too which is a bit stress-free because I am doing what I am good at (mostly).

Then now, I am thinking to start writing again. Actually, there are some posts in my draft box. Those would be my old journals or hotel reviews. The contents are mostly ideas on how to write… But .. Hm… Have you ever had so many ideas in your head on what to write, how to write it, etc.. but at the end, you can’t finish what you write? Just like writing the topics only to get them out of your head.. But then, you don’t develop them. You don’t finish them. I had it a lot that I decided to start fresh. Just let go all those drafts and start a new post.

2014 was really a lazy time for me to write. I guess it is still now. You may have seen some posts with no pictures. I am sorry for that. I will remove the picture notes.

Meanwhile, let’s see if I can finish this one. Let’s review my trip in 2014 before I start writing new journal.





[ Uluwatu Temple ]

For the xx times, I visited Bali again. This time, I was sort of like a guide for my uncle’s family. Well, they like me being in charge with the itinerary so… Sometimes, I wonder how it’s like to be the participants instead :p

Anyway, what I enjoyed on this trip was the fact that there were 5 girls who have the same ‘party’ style so we could have an awesome nightout : )  Yeah, we had parties for sure plus visiting some beaches. I even visited Uluwatu Temple, finally… It’s ashamed for being able to visit this famous temple now, after visiting Bali so many times. But my fave on this trip was the dinner at Ultimo Restaurant, Seminyak. Yep, it’s the dinner, not a beach. I’ve been wanting to try this place and finally I made it. I love the pasta and pizza. Desserts (pina colada, tiramisu) are not my fave. But the price is very value! And the portion.. ow.. a lot!! This place is recommended!!

Then, we got a chance to visit Motel Mexicola and La Favela, both in Seminyak. These places were ‘happening’ (aka booming) that time. Motel Mexicola is a nice Mexican restaurant to chill out and chit chat with your friends while having tacos, margaritas, etc. The decor is very Mexicana. While La Favela is more exclusive and suitable for romantic dinner. I love its décor. Price is more expensive than Motel Mexicola.

As for hotel, I stayed in:

(1) Jesen’s Inn 2 in Bakung Sari street. The room is clean, pool is small but looks clean. Location is surrounded by souvenir stores with affordable price. But it’s a long walk, 20min to Bali Bomb Monument (Sky Garden Club) and even a longer walk to Kuta beach.

(2) Tune Hotel Legian within short walk to Legian beach but located in a quiet neighborhood. Love this place.

[ Motel Mexicola ]

motel mexicano 

motel mexicola motel mexicola

[ La Favela ]

la favela la favela

la favela

[ Ultimo Restaurant ]


[ Ayam Betutu ]

Local food lunch at Kuta: Ayam Betutu (fried chicken/steam chicken with spicy sauce/sambal), Sate Ayam Lilit(chicken satay), Lawar (spicy mixed veggie)

ayam betutu and balinese food

[ Pandawa Beach ]


pandawa 2

Overall, we (esp the girls) had a lot of fun ^^





[ Borobudur Temple ]

You may have read my post about this trip (“Exploring the Beach around Yogyakarta“), but let me put it in brief here.

I never thought I would be back to Yogyakarta since I’ve been there a lot! But my friends said that they would visit the beach, which I didn’t know such tourist spots were there. So, few weeks later, I found myself in Yogya.

I love the beach. It’s prohibited to swim there because of many rocks, but the place is still clean, still natural.

I love their local food “Gudeg”. If you don’t mind with a bit sweet food, you must try this!

As for hotel, we stayed in:

(1) Virgo 2 Inn in Wetan II alley, Sosrowijayan street. It’s new and clean. It’s near Malioboro street where all the crazy night life (shopping, food) happen here.

(2) EDU hostel, female dorm. It’s clean but many insects and crazily loud at night. The hostel is used for by students on school trips. Very disturbing!

[ Baron Beach ]



[ Krakal Beach ]


[ Yogyakarta King’s Palace ]

These ornaments are so adorable !! These were the mini-soldiers.



[ Gudeg, the local food ]


yogya  IMG_0223

Overall, it was an exciting trip. It’s always exciting if you go with your friends.




clown fish, kelagian kecil island in lampung province

Who would have thought that there would be this beautiful snorkeling site in the southern of Sumatera island, not too far from Jakarta. I’ve been to most snorkeling sites around Java island, Bali, and Lombok but I never thought of this place. I am so grateful that my friend telling me about it. I love most of the snorkeling sites here. Why? The view is awesome, the water is calm, and you can see a lot of Nemo within your reach. Unbelievable! The boatman said that there were many other beautiful sites but only for people who are good at snorkeling. Sadly, you’ll find a lot of people joining a snorkeling group who don’t know how to swim or snorkeling and they simply step or touch or kick the corals. I am so sad seeing that.

Anyway, you can read my detail story on “Hunting Nemo in Pahawang island, Sumatera”.

box fish, pahawang kecil island in lampung province crown of thorns starfish, tanjung putus island in lampung province

Overall, I love this island and I would be back! Highly recommended for snorkeling!!




I went back to Bali to free my mind of those finals headache. It was last day of final. Mostly, I was just relaxing on this trip, sleeping at the hotel. Well, I craved for many good night sleeps cause I hardly slept during finals for about a month prep. (crazy times).

Then I fell from my motorbike cause this stu**d guy (foreigner) suddenly cross a two-way street, without checking the traffic first. It was in Legian street, the main “big” street. D*#n! Luckily I drove slowly. So, for you who have never been to Bali, pleaseeee, I beg you to check on the road (see left and right) before crossing the street, even it’s just a small street.

The rest of the trip was so so. The party was not as awesome I thought it would be. There were 2 groups of girls who have different style of party… One group is suitable for Seminyak. The other is suitable for Kuta. We visited Potato Head, Kudeta, Sky Garden that night. But to be honest, I hardly enjoyed the party.

But hey, there were awesome times too. The night I checked out gay bars in Seminyak with my friends turned out to be an ‘awesome’ night. Then I had time to try this burger place, “Wacko Burger”, that looks so yummy… (taste good too)

As for hotel, I stayed in:

(1) Fourteen Roses Beach Hotel in Melasti street. I love this hotel. Very close to Kuta beach and Melasti souvenir market. I found a nice massage place in Melasti street, which I forgot the name. The room is old but clean. I love the little garden and swimming pool in the center. I would stay here again!!

(2) Grandmas Legian, Legian street. Room is small and clean enough. Staffs are kind. But they have this regular mosquito spray in the morning, causing smoke everywhere. They checked me on day 2 as well, whether I would extend, while my booking was for 2 nights. Imo, this is a nice hotel for short stay but that regular spray is pretty annoying. I won’t stay there again.

[ ‘Down Under’ burger @ Wacko Burger, Seminyak Food Village ]


Overall, it was just an okay trip. Plus, I lost my camera files too and the only one left is this burger photo lol. 😀

* * * * * * * * * *

some pictures are courtesy of Sy, Ti, Zm

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey.. I finish this post ^^/

Lastly, I always add this when new year starts…

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Hm.. another journal from 2012 that I haven’t completed. 2012 indeed a very lazy time for me to write :p
but there are some interesting part on this trip that I like and it’d be a waste if I don’t share it.


petitengget beach, seminyak

[ Petitengget Beach, Seminyak ]


July 2012

Imo, Seminyak is a high class area in Bali. It’s well-known for its exclusivity .. exclusive clubs, cafes, boutiques, restaurant etc. I was a bit bored with Kuta so this time, I tried to stay here. Turned out, I enjoyed it ^^ It’s kinda remind me of Kemang area in Jakarta.

Day 1 – Saturday

My sister and I flew to Bali using Air Asia and for the second time, the flight delayed for about 30min. Hope it won’t be the same next time I fly with it. We arrived in Bali around 1pm. Bali airport is still under renovation. We had to walk a very long lane to the international terminal to reach the taxi place. I planned to walk until the exit gate to catch my fave Blue Bird taxi  but unfortunately, the route to exit gate has been moved, much more farther that I’d have to take another long walk to reach the public road.  So we tried to find a taxi nearby and luckily there was a Toyota Innova driver who offered us a transfer for Rp.80,000 till our hotel. A bit expensive from Blue Bird taxi but we have no option. Luckily we met our friends on the flight. We planned to meet them in Bali. So we became a group of 4 girls and split the taxi fare to be more affordable ^^

It took about 30 min to reach Fave Hotel Seminyak. It’s located in one of the famous nite entertainment street called Dyana Pura. This street is also known for its gay bars at nite while at noon, there is not much people on the road. Well, at least, much lesser than in Poppies Lane Kuta 😀

The hotel staffs welcomed us friendly. We could check-in soon after we arrived. Good service!! The room is nice too. It’s small but very clean!! Finished with all unpacking things, we started to find motorbike rental. We got it for Rp.50k/day through the hotel staff. Then it’s time to start our agenda that day.

First agenda was to eat at Ultimo Restaurant. After a few wrong turns and getting lost a lot, we found the place. Unfortunately it opened from 5pm so we decided to try Babi Guling Pak Malen (Roasted Pork) in Sunset Road. Again, we got lost but when we found it, it was close only for that day ><” . Geez… we had spent more than one hour wondering around for nothing with an empty stomach ><” We ended up eating Burger King in Sunset Mall, across Babi Guling Pak Malen.

Burger King, Sunset Road
[ burger king ]

Second agenda was to see sunset from Petitengget beach. Last time I visited this beach was 2 years before and it took my mind away. Why? Because there is no many people and surfer there that you can really enjoy seating on the beach, looking at the waves etc. It gave me peace at heart ^^  We were there for about 1.5 hour. It was hot with cold wind breezing. Oh.. I love this beach. The sunset view was beautiful that afternoon

Unexpectedly, we saw a ‘drama’ on the beach. There was this black dog chasing his master who was surfing and it got trap within the wave. Then a girl (a friend of the dog owner) tried to save his dog but she got trapped in the water too. So all Baywatch scene started. A coast guard tried to save the girl, she almost reached the shore but got trapped within the waves again. Then a surfer come rescuing her, putting her in his surf board and pushing it to the shore. Meanwhile the coast guard tried saving the dog. Ow.. That was so awesome!! The surfer was awesome too and very handsome LoL. Lucky her!

Petitengget Beach
[ so many pets in this beach ]

many dogs here @petitengget beach, seminyak
[ left pic, the black dog and girl who were trapped within the waves ]

We made a stop to buy some supplies in Bintang Supermarket on our way back to hotel. They have a liquor store in the back with affordable price. We bought a small vodka for about Rp60k as a booze before enjoying the nitelife. We planned to go to Ku De Ta and Woobar that usually have most crowds on Saturday. First stop was Woobar and we ended up just going to this bar, which we didn’t regret it. Woobar had a silent party that nite where we danced around while hearing the music through headphone. There were 3 DJs with different kind of musics that we could choose. It’s our first silent party and really awesome. People are actually dancing.. Cool! But like most clubs in Seminyak, they close at 2am. So my friends and I continued it at Double Six clubs ^^ It was a great girls nite out!!

W Hotel W Hotel Lounge at nite
[ woobar at w hotel ]

Silent Party @ Woobar, no loud music, except on the headphone
[ silent party, no loud music except from your headphone ]

Silent Party @ Woobar, no loud music, except on the headphone

Day 2 – Sunday

The morning was about taking a rest after a long nite out or the coming nite out ^^ But we didn’t wanna miss the free breakfast which was simple but quite tasty. I luv their chicken wings… then back to bed.

Bfast @ Fave Hotel Seminyak
[ fave hotel breakfast ]

We finally got our head straight around 2pm or maybe our stomach woke us up. We tried to check out Babi Guling Pak Malen again and yes, it was open!! We ordered the complete set and d**n it tasted really good. Not because of starving, but it really tasted that good. I’ve tried Babi Guling/Suckling Pig meal in Ubud (Ibu Oka) and in Denpasar (Pak Chandra) but this Pak Malen’s is the best one among them.

Set Menu, Special Roasted Pork @ Pak Malen
[ Pak Malen Suckling Pic ]

Got our stomach full, we drove to Melasti street to buy some souvenirs. It’s the most affordable place I know to buy clothes . Then headed up to La Planca beach cafe which seems popular that time. You can seat in their big pillow while drinking your cocktail to watch sunset. It was full with people that time and it opens till midnight. Cool!

La Planca in the afternoon @ Double Six  La Planca at nite @ Double Six
[ La Planca beachcafe ]

Then it’s come the time to enjoy the nite. But before that, my sister and I went for a massage in Legian area. It’s about 10min taxi drive from Seminyak but that massage place is the only place we know to get affordable massage. Again back to nitelife, it was an awesome girls nite out in Legian and Doube Six clubs.

Day 3 – Monday

Back to Jakarta with an early flight, which was cancelled and we were shifted to the second flight. Hm…  but no choice, we had to go back to work ^^


Fave Hotel Seminyak

location:  Jalan Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura) No. 9A, Seminyak, Bali – Indonesia

room rate: USD 38 through for twin bed, AC include bfast

For more review on this accommodation, please visit my other blog:
” My Stay at Fave Hotel Seminyak ”

(USD1 = Rp10k)

<This price might be changed since there was a 30% increment of fuel price in August 2013>


  • Transfer by Innova Car (Airport-Hotel) : Rp. 80,000
  • Motorbike rental : Rp.50,000/day
  • Taxi
    – Seminyak to Legian : Rp.25,000
    – Legian club to Fave Hotel : Rp.30,000
    – Fave Hotel to W Hotel : Rp.30,000
  • Parking fee
    – Petitengget beach : Rp.2,000
    – Double Six : Rp.2,000
    – Melasti Street Traditional Market : Rp. 2,000
    – Bintang Supermarket : Rp. 2,000
    – Kuta beach : Rp. 2,000

Meals & Drinks

  • Babi Guling Pak Malen, full set + orange juice : around Rp35-40k
  • La Planca Beach café, sangria/wine punch which tastes more like water and wint : around Rp40k
  • Woobar in W Retreat Hotel, promo Vodka mix: Rp75k
  • Sky Garden, entrance for local : Rp75k, summer berries cocktail : Rp60-75k depends on the hour you buy
  • La Vida Loca, weird martini : Rp60k
  • Mineral Water : Rp3-5k, Vodka small bottle at Bintang Supermarket : around Rp60k

more about food, please visit my post  Foods in Bali


  • Massage : Rp. 55k for an hour traditional body massage
  • Beach short pants : Rp. 20-25k each 


{1 Oct 2012}   BALI TRIPS (summary)

Reference Tool / Useful Trip Information
travel tips and blog or website I use as reference during my trip, my travel tips, hotel info, things to do etc.

  • Perama Bus (schedule & price)
    it’s medium size bus, NO air conditioner with good price if you travel alone or together. They go to most of interesting cities in many part of Bali such as Lovina, Candidasa, Ubud, Sanur etc or even Lombok. Their passengers are mostly from overseas.
  • Map of Budget Hotel in Poppies Lane 1 & Poppies Lane 2, Kuta Beach
    this map is the most complete one that I can find in website. All the hostels here are within walking distance to Kuta beach and the night life < finally i found the map >

My Trip Journals
list of relevant trip journals include travel expense report

newly posted :

  • Back in Bali [April 2012, 4days]
    > Kuta, Legian, Tulamben (diving)

under drafting :
– Lombok and Bali in a Week, via Surabaya [August 2013, 7 days], Surabaya, Senggigi, Gili T, Legian
– Hotel Hopping ?!? Only in Bali ^^ [November 2012, 4days], Kuta, Legian

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