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{10 Feb 2014}   ☆ Back in Bali
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Have you ever had a post that’s been in your draft box for over a year, waiting to be publish?
I just found one (this post). hpmf…   I forgot why I haven’t published it, such a waste. But rather that I deleted it, I better just publish it. Enjoy!

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“ I feel like I haven’t visited this island for years that I decided to have a visit, just a short one
So here I am again, writing a journal of my short visit to Bali.”

 sunset from the stones, kuta

[ Sunset from The Stone beach club, Kuta Beach ]

After long absence, I was back in Bali for the weekend. Somehow it felt wrong for not visiting this Island of God for 8 months. You may wonder why, but I am still wondering myself why… So I went there for a short visit, as usual, because of my limited leave days from work. Plus this time, I made a plan to dive with a friend.


It is a year late journal so I tried to make it simple and emphasize on place-to-eat/hangout/sleep.

For brief expense list, please go to the bottom of this post.

April 2012

Day 1 

– Arrived in Bali Airport around noon. Apparently the airport was under renovation that I couldn’t go directly to parking lot. Instead, I walked to International terminal, to the parking lot, then to the exit gate to take Blue Bird to Poppies Lane 2, Kuta. It was a very long walk, 500m I guess. But rather than I pay double taxi fare, I prefer walking this far.

– Check in at Bounty Hotel, Poppies Lane 2. I was asked for deposit about usd100 while I had paid the room in fuul through Agoda. I just complained ant they settled for USD50 deposit.

– Had my lunch at my fave Warung Indonesia in Gg. Ronta, Poppies lane 2.

– Met up with some coworkers late afternoon. They were in Bali to attend a workshop and I joined their afternoon party at The Stone Beachclub in Kuta beach. The sunset view from the rooftop was beautiful that afternoon.

Day 2 

– I took a day trip dive to Tulamben with my former diving school, Bali Scuba. They pick me up around 7am and brought me to their office in Sanur for settling the administration. Afterwards we were off to Tulamben, one of the best dive site in northeast part of Bali. It took about 3 hours to reach the site. I think it took longer than my previous trip there.

underwater camera at bali scuba dive shop
[ saw this cool underwater camera at bali scuba shop. i want one!! ]

– My friend joined me in Tulamben and we had 2 awesome dives. First dive was near the wreck and second one near the artificial underwater garden. Then back to Kuta which journey was about the same 3 hours ride, so loooooong.

– Had dinner with my friend at Sushi Tei in Sunset Road, about 15-20min ride by taxi.

– At nite, we spent it exploring the nitelife in Legian (bounty, paddy’s, sky garden) and Double Six (la vida loca). Shockingly my friend lost her camera in La Vida Loca. D**n!! I’ve heard those stories about pick-pocket in Bali clubs but that was the first time happened to the group I went with. Awesome nite soon became a bad one. Hm.. those cute pics or ours were gone 😦
Be careful when you partying there guys!

Day 3 

– I woke up late that I missed to taste Bounty Hotel’s breakfast. I didn’t have it the day before due to my early dive. Hm.. will I be able to go back and taste it?? I don’t think I wannna stay there again. The room rate is just too expensive for that kind of old facilities.

– At noon, I check out from Bounty Hotel and moved to Baleka Resort in Legian, the same hotel as my friend.

– I had my lunch at Mozzarella Restaurant in Jalan Padma. It’s near the hotel and one of my fave restaurant. I had a meet-up with Bali couchsurfing members there and spent the rest of the day with them, hanging out in Legian beach watching sunset, check-out La Barca beachcafe in Batubelig and ended the day enjoying clubs in Legian and Double Six. Awesome!

Day 4

– I managed to wake up early and tried Baleka Resort’s breakfast. It tasted good. They served variety of bakery. There were also Indonesian food and my fave breakfast menu, sausage + omelet. That morning was my friend last day in Bali so I said goodbye to her. Sad one. After breakfast, I continued my sleep ^^. So tired…

– I check out Cocoon Beachclub for a friend who was looking a place for her wedding reception and spent my afternoon in Legian beach till sunset time. The place is nice.

– From Legian beach, I walked to Melasti Street to buy souvenir.

– Had my dinner in my fave Warung Indonesia with a friend

– Had a massage in Angelina Spa, Legian street

– Spent the rest of the nite at Legian clubs (surfer bar, expresso bar)

Day 5

– Took the first flight back to Jakarta and straight to work. It was a long but awesome weekend ^^/


Bounty Hotel

It’s located in Poppies Lane 2, 5min walks from Kuta beach. This hotel is suitable for party lover. so if you are not this group, I recommend you to find other place. They have DJ in the main pool, playing club music till night. They also provide free entrance for local guess to Legian clubs (bounty, paddy’s). I booked a double room through and got USD60/nite include breakfast. For further story, please go to my review “My Stay at Bounty Hotel” in my other blog

Baleka Resort

It’s located in Werkudara street, near Double Six area, a 15min walk to Legian beach. I chose this hotel cause I was curious with their swimming pool that looked great on the web. For further story, please go to my review “My Stay at Baleka Resort”in my other blog


Warung  Indonesia,located in Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane, Kuta. Cannot miss eating at this cheap local restaurant with a good taste of Indonesian food.

warung indonesia

Mozzarella Restaurant, Jl. Padma, Legian. I luv this restaurant. They serve good foods.

mozarella resto, padma

La Barca, in Batubelig. A nice bar in a boat shape. Unfortunately it has closed down now.

la barca, petitengget

The Stones beach club, Kuta beach. Fancy one, food is not really good but they offer a nice sunset view.

the stones beach club, kuta

the stones beach club, kuta

Expresso Bar, in Legian clubs strip. You can sing here if you have the talent.

expresso bar, legian

Other places:

  • Sushi Tei Restaurant, a bit fancy one, located in Sunset Road. I like the restaurant, all white. It has different decor than the one in Jakarta and bigger for sure.
  • Sky Garden Club, Legian
  • Bounty Club, Legian
  • Surfer Bar, Legian

(USD 1 = Rp10k)

<this expense might be different now due to 30% increment of fuel charge last year>

  • Blue Bird Taxi
    > Denpasar Airport to Poppies Lane 2, Kuta: Rp.25,000
    > Legian street to Sunset Road (Sushi Tei): Rp.30,000
  • Kuta-Sanur-Tulamben-Sanur-Kuta : free transfer from Bali Scuba dive center
  • There supposed to be more transportation expense but my friend gave me a ride to some of the places.
  • Bounty Hotel: USD 60 through Agoda
  • Baleka Resort: USD 60 through Agoda
  • Warung Indonesia, lunch:   for
  • Mozzarella Restaurant, lunch:  for
  • Sky garden, summer berries cocktail: Rp.75k before 12pm
  • La Vida Loca, draftbeer: Rp.30,000
  • 2 dives in Tulamben with Bali Scuba dive center : USD 93.5 for local diver incl equipment
  • Angeline spa : Rp. 75,000 for 1.5hours massage


bali apr 2012


{10 Feb 2014}   Welcome to My Blog!!

Update: Oct 2016

Traveling around the world, visiting many places, experiencing new cultures

have always been a dream of mine


Thanks for visiting my blog.

This blog consists of my travel journals which I divide into 4 subjects:

Each subject is summarized  and put on a sticky post in this homepage. I put travel tips and some reference as well there. Meanwhile, each travel journal consists of its travel expense too which is (imo) the most essential info to look for when browsing for my next trip.

I also have another blog covering my experience staying in budget hotel or any type of accommodation which meet my budget of course, that is ” My Stay In Budget Hotel “. It’s just too much if I put them all here 🙂

Well, hope these journals would be useful for you!



My Latest Journal

newly posted :

The following are the trips I have not been able to finish the journals… But feel free to ask if you need any info about these places.
– Shangiang island [April 2015, 2 days]
– Kampung Inggris, the English ‘speaking’ Village in East Java [July 2015, 4 days]
– New Year in Bali [Jan 2016]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao, Patong) [March 2016, 9 days]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao) [July 2016]


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{10 Oct 2012}   DIVING TRIPS (summary)

My trip journals which involved diving with some information on the dive sites and dive shop.

I first tried diving in 2009, then took my second try few month later and I fell in love with underwater. A year later, I got my PADI OW License. I am still new at this so I am sorry if there is any mistake on the information in my journal  🙂

Here I summarized my journals which involved diving and categorized them based on the diving sites.

click the date link below to read the full story


Bali island

  • Tulamben, This site is known as the best diving site in Bali. I’ve have been to 2 dive sites in here, one is at USS Liberty wreck close to the shore. The other one is no wreck but you can see some human created corals, shape
    Read the rest of this entry »

{1 Oct 2012}   BALI TRIPS (summary)

Reference Tool / Useful Trip Information
travel tips and blog or website I use as reference during my trip, my travel tips, hotel info, things to do etc.

  • Perama Bus (schedule & price)
    it’s medium size bus, NO air conditioner with good price if you travel alone or together. They go to most of interesting cities in many part of Bali such as Lovina, Candidasa, Ubud, Sanur etc or even Lombok. Their passengers are mostly from overseas.
  • Map of Budget Hotel in Poppies Lane 1 & Poppies Lane 2, Kuta Beach
    this map is the most complete one that I can find in website. All the hostels here are within walking distance to Kuta beach and the night life < finally i found the map >

My Trip Journals
list of relevant trip journals include travel expense report

newly posted :

  • Back in Bali [April 2012, 4days]
    > Kuta, Legian, Tulamben (diving)

under drafting :
– Lombok and Bali in a Week, via Surabaya [August 2013, 7 days], Surabaya, Senggigi, Gili T, Legian
– Hotel Hopping ?!? Only in Bali ^^ [November 2012, 4days], Kuta, Legian

Read the rest of this entry »

All info I share here is based on my experience. I’ve been back-and-forth to Bali since 2009, mostly for diving or playing body board or just hangout. My last trip to Bali was in November 2012 and some info are based on my last visit to these places, so some things might have been different from the present. You might also know or find other thing that is better than what’s written here. Anyway if you have the same type and purpose of traveling like mine (backpacker/flashpacker, budget concern, like beach/underwater/party), you might find this info useful for you. Unless, it’s not your reading material.


  •  The area I’ve traveled in Bali
  •  Place to visit / eat / stay / snorkel / dive / hangout
  • Bali beaches


< I’ve spent at least a nite here >

My fave area to stay : Legian and Padang Bai

  • KUTA – Kuta is like the center of everything. This is a very touristic area, some called it crazy, some (me) called it awesome. When hearing Kuta, people immediately think that this is not the best place to stay or it’s too crazy. For me, this area has everything. If you like quite place, no much crazy ‘new’ bikers around, you can choose the southern part of Kuta along Segara beach. If you wanna have good beach for surfing, crazy party, then northern part is your best option along Kuta beach or Bakung Sari street or Benesari street. But if you are a backpacker and ready for all the actions, Poppies lane is your place ;)My fave place in this area is Poppies Lane 2. There are many affordable guesthouses  here surrounded by a great nite life, cheap food and I can walk to my fave beach (Legian beach) .One down side is that most people here respect only foreigners.It’s about 20min drive from airport.> click here for kuta area map
    click here for poppies lane 1 map
    click here for poppies lane 2 map
  • LEGIAN – Thisarea is more calm than Kuta and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate which one called Legian or Kuta. Well, if you are confuse, the area where lies Padma Street, Werkudara Street and Arjuna/Double Six street is Legian. It’s kind of in the middle of Kuta and Seminyak. For me, if I have enough budget, I will stay in this area whilst in Bali. It’s quieter than Kuta, close to my fave Legian beach, many good restaurant but a bit pricy and I like the environment where the hotel/restaurant staffs respect local tourists too.It’s about 20-25min drive from airport.> click here for legian area map.


May 2011

Day 1   arrival – legian
Day 2   sanur – tulamben
Day 3   legian
Day 4   legian – departure


Legian Village Hotel, Jl. Padma, Legian Ph. 0361-751182
It is located in the middle of Padma street, surrounding by cafes, restaurants, shops. There are convenience store in front and ATM. The hotel formerly named Joni and it has 2 buildings (Joni 1 and Joni 2). They have swimming pool and live band at nite.
I stayed in Joni 1 at their deluxe room. I got it through Agoda hotel for USD 38.25/nite include bfast. The room light is not bright but I enjoyed my stay there.

Please refer to my post about “Budget Hotel in Bali” for more hotel review and photo.


  • Denpasar Airport to Legian: Rp.35,000 include tips using Bali Taxi (Blue Bird taxi group).
  • Seminyak to Legian: Rp.15,000 include tips using Bali Taxi.
  • Legian – Sanur – Tulamben vv: free from Bali Scuba dive center


  • Café Seminyak in front of Bintang Supermarket in Seminyak. Wanted to eat their Giant Burger again but I was full so I had Ratatouille, 2 pcs of my fave strawberry pie and hot tea for Rp.80,000. The taste is so so, their Ratatouille is not well-done, so the veggies was kinda hard to bite, but the strawberry pie is the best!!
  • Buffet lunch at Puri Madha Hotel in Tulamben with BaliScuba group. Taste of satay, veggies is spicy but not bad.
  • Mozzarella Restaurant in Jl Padma Legian. I love this resto!! I had my late lunch/early dinner there. The staffs are very friendly. The Carbonara spaghetti is so delicious. Love their Pina Colada cocktail also. They have promo buy 1 get 1 free cocktail. The place is also so nice that I really enjoyed my afternoon there sitting in the sofa and eating while listening to the jazz techno music. I spent about Rp.150,000 for this.


  • Thai Massage at Mirah Spa & Salon in Jl Padma Legian, it is about Rp.120,000 for 2 hours. I  think you could get other place for better massage.
  • 2 dives with Bali Scuba for US$45, exclude equipment. It’s their promo price. On May, their price goes 50% off to celebrate their birthday. Hopefully still the same for next year ^^/
  • Internet café in Seminyak, costs about Rp.14,000/hour. It’s so damn expensive but the connection is the fastest I found in Bali so far so no complaint.
  • Small tattoo at Ibud Tattoo shop in Padma Utara street costs about Rp.500k . I heard they are one of the best in Bali and the result is .. I am very satisfied with it!!


I took this trip because of the 50% dive trip price to Tulamben and it’s been 4 months since my last dive and I missed it so much. Other reason would be to getaway from hectic activity in the city  :p

DAY 1:  Legian, Seminyak

As usual, I always walk to exit gate of Denpasar airport to catch the Bali Taxi (blue bird group) cause their price is more reasonable than airport taxi. This taxi is also most trustable, especially in Jakarta. It took about 20min to reach my hotel, Legian Village Hotel. The hotel staffs greeted me and gave me a welcome drink of delicious Margarita ^^  Love it!!  A staff took me to my room. I actually requested to have a double bed room at Joni 2 which I heard newer but instead I got twin bed room in Joni 1. I was so tired so no need to argue. They were very welcome to me anyway.

After unpacking my luggage and packing my dive equipment for the next day trip, I went to Bintang Supermarket in Seminyak to buy the daily needs, snack and drinks. It took about 20min walk, quite far, but their price is much cheaper than convenience store. Anyway, I wanted to have my supper in Café Seminyak, in front of it. I wanted to eat their Giant Burger again but I was full so I had Ratatouille, 2 pcs of my fave strawberry pie and hot tea for Rp.80,000. The taste is so so, their Ratatouille is not well-done, so the veggies was kinda hard to bite, but the strawberry pie is the best!!

Then on the way back to the hotel, I found an internet café nearby and tried it. Their connection is so fast but it is expensive 😀  after an hour there, I went back to hotel, wanting to walk but unluckily it was raining. So I took a Bali Taxi, cost me only Rp.15,000 include tip.

There was a live music playing downstairs but I manage to have a good sleep, a short one.

DAY 2:  Legian, Sanur, Tulamben

I woke up at 6am to get ready before Bali Scuba came to pick me up at 7:15am. I planned to have breakfast but unfortunately they seemed not ready before 7am. So I just ate crackers. The pick up came on time, they took me to their dive center first in Sanur to settle all payments and equipment etc. Unfortunately we left Sanur far from the schedule plan and it took about 2.5 hours to reach Tulamben. I was so hungry in the car, no snack. Lucky my divemaster gave me a small cake. enough to fill in my hunger hihihi.. She is a very nice DM. First time I went diving with a lady DM which called herself a hotdiver hahaha…

We arrived in Tulamben around 11:30am, I ordered sweat tea directly to counter a bad stomachache on first dive cause of late lunch. Then we set up our gear, put suncream on hair and face (girl habit LoL). It was the first trial for my new dive gear (wetsuit, pointer, headband, mask) and happy to know that most of it worked well. My wetsuit fits me. My mask is fine, my snorkel was not used but it worked when I tried it on pool. The pointer is really useful down there to call your DM or group or when u dive into the tunnel.. One gear is not working properly though. I have long hair so I used a hair&ear cover band I bought from Nemo Wetsuit shop. But this band turned out making the water entering my mask. I wont to use it again.

Anyway, soon later the first dive started. We have our dive from Puri Madha Hotel frontbeach. There are 4 divers in my group include DM and all hot ladies ^^ . It’s my first shore entry dive after getting my OW license. The wave that time kinda made it a difficult entry for me. I still needed the help of my DM to put my fins (she called me a baby hihihi..)  My descending and buoyancy also still need more experience. I managed to get down anyway and started enjoying the beautiful Tulamben underwater. We dived near the wreck to 18m below and saw the school Jack Fish ofcourse. It’s very famous in this site. The we saw nudibranch and the coral .. sorry I cannot mention all I saw because mostly I don’t know its name LoL (newbie)!! Ow- on our safety stop, we were accompanied by an interesting group for surgeon fishes. They are very friendly to us :D.

Then we had an hour surface interval before next dive, in which this meant having Lunch!! YEAH!!! It’s buffet lunch with option of Indonesian food, mixed veggies, satay, fried tempe and tahu, fish, French fries. The veggies and fish are too spicy so I ended up eating French fries with satay and rice. Weird combination.

An hour later, the second dive started. This time I could put the fin by myself. YES!! The descending still needed more training though but my buoyancy was getting better. This second dive, my mask was filled in by water many times cause of my hair band. So my concentration is mostly on mask clearing, very annoying. Anyway, I saw nudibranch again, eel garden and fishes and corals and met that group of surgeon fish again during our safety stop. I wonder why they are always there. Well, the dive took 40min and it felt so fast.. I wish I could have more dives.

The journey back to Sanur and back to hotel seemed so long. We left Tulamben around 3:30pm and I reached my hotel around 7pm. And I still had to clean up my gear, then dress up for dinner and enjoying the Saturday nite. It was a long and fun day!

DAY 3:   Legian

I woke up at lunch time hahaha…  very late start for Sunday during holiday. After 100% woke up, I went for a massage near the hotel called Mirah Spa. I thought this was the same branch as the Mirah Spa in Denpasar, which is a good Thai Massage place. The sales guy said it was the same but I was fooled. It was far away from the massage in Mirah Spa. So stupid me!!

Mozzarella Restaurant in Legian. Love it!

Then I went to find Mozzarella Restaurant. I read good review from about this place which is near my hotel. So I tried to have my late brunch or lets say my early dinner there and it was the highlight of the day!! The food, price, service, the place were so delicious, affordable, friendly and nice!! Highly recommended!! That kind of food might cost double in Jakarta 😀  Thanks God I read that review but unfortunately I didn’t want to miss the sunset so couldn’t enjoy the place longer.

sunset from legian beach, cloudy afternoon

On the way to the beach, I checked out the Tattoo Shop called Ibud Tattoo. It’s located next to Ramada Hotel in Jl. Padma. Apparently you need to make an appointment with them first. Lucky the guy there is so nice to arrange me the time at nite that day. So while waiting, I went to Kuta Square by walking along the Legian Beach and Kuta Beach, watching the sunset, seeing the people playing soccer or  playing in the water or surfing.. It was a lovely day.

I managed to get to Matahari Kuta Square in 30min walk then shopping around and back to the tattoo shop. I wanted to have my own design, combining from 2 pictures and they made it as requested. The result is also as expected. It was my first and my last tattoo I guess. Apparently having a tattoo is not that hurt, more like tickling. Well, I got all I want. Next I met my friends and enjoyed the rest of the nite.

Read the rest of this entry »

Brief Schedule

January 2011

Day 1
–          arrive in Bali
–          Double Six café

Day 2
–          Tanah Lot
–          Ubud: ubud art market, sukawati market
–          Celuk: silver shop
–          Batubulan: kecak dance
–          Meals: Ibu Oka Suckling Pig in Ubud and Solaria in Carefour Denpasar

Day 3
–          Nusa Dua: diving, nusa dua beach, waterblow, geger beach
–          Pecatu: padang-padang beach
–          Legian café
–          Meals: Ayam Betutu khas Gilimanuk in Nusa Dua and Bambu Sari in Kuta.

Day 4
–          Legian Beach: body board
–          Seminyak: bintang supermarket
–          Meals: Ocean Blue Resto in Legian Beach and Seminyak café

Day 5
–          depart Bali for Singapore
–          Chinatown: maxwell hawker, smith street/food street, pagoda street/souvenir shop
–          Riverside area : vivo city, Clarke Quay, Boat Quay
–          Meals: Tian-tian chicken rice in Maxwell Hawker.

Day 6
–          Riverside area: cavenagh bridge, raffles statue, merlion statue
–          Little India: Mustafa Center
–          Chinatown: shopping at pagoda street for souvenir & bak kwa at fragrance shop
–          Meals: Roti Prata set at Kopitiam Vivo City and Juct Acia in Dhoby Ghaut Station

Day 7

–          Chinatown : Jamae Mosque, Sri Mariamman Temple,
–          depart Singapore
–          Meals: Roti Kaya Set in Kopitiam Changi T2

**basically tour in Singapore based on Wikitravel : “ Three Days in Singapore

Full story of this trip and pictures  are down below (Trip Journal)



*Kusnadi Hotel, Jl. Werkudara, Legian (behind Jayakarta Hotel) = Rp.350,000/nite for standard room include buffet breakfast
It is a nice hotel, old but the garden is very beautiful. I love the pool. Breakfast is standard, my standard room is also very standard but very big..
I like my stay there.
click here for more info on Bali budget hotel


*A Beary Good Hostel, Pagoda Street, Chinatown = S$26/nite/bed include breakfast, free internet service. They have 2 dorms with 10 beds & 12 beds. I booked through They give the best rate than others.
I really enjoyed my stay here. Everything looks nice and clean. Perfect location. They provide the netbook with free internet.  Don’t forget to bring your padlock for the locker.



Airport Transfer
–          Airport-Hotel = free service from kusnadi hotel
–          Hotel-Airport by Orchid Travel = Rp.70,000/way using APV Car

Rental Car
–          Jack agent, APV Car = Rp.350,000/10 hours include driver and gasoline
–          Orchid Travel, APV Car = Rp.375,000/10 hours include driver and gasoline

Taxi (Bali Taxi, blue bird)
–          Legian (kusnadi hotel) to Seminyak by Blue Bird taxi = Rp.15,000
–          Padma Area-Kusnadi Hotel- Airport by Blue Bird taxi = Rp. 65,000

Ojek (motor taxi)
–          kusnadi hotel to bomb bali monument = Rp.20,000
–          Bomb Bali monument to Kusnadi hotel = Rp. 30,000


EZ Link Card for MRT/Bus
–          Card = S$12, non-refundable deposit is S$5.
–          Top-up = S$10
The card is valid for 5 years. I used it to the following MRT routes and still have balance about S$4 until now, very efficient:
ChangiT2-Chinatown, Chinatown-HarbourFront, HarbourFront-Clarke Quay, Clarke Quay-Chinatown, Chinatown-Raffles Place, Raffles Place-HarbourFront, HarbourFront-Little India, Farrer Park-Chinatown, Chinatown-Dhoby Ghaut, Dhoby Ghaut-Chinatown, Chinatown-ChangiT2



  • Mineral Water = around 1,000/small bottle and Rp.2,500/big bottle
  • Ibu Oka Suckling Pig in Ubud = Rp.30,000/complete set
  • Solaria in Carrefour Mart, Denpasar = about same price as in Jakarta
  • Ayam Betutu restaurant khas Gilimanuk in Nusa Dua = Rp. 162,000 for 4 persons (1 chicken deep fried, 1 cah kangkung, 4 ice lemon, 5 rice)
  • Bambu Sari restaurant in Kuta, near Joger Shop = around Rp.150,000 for 4 persons (3 nasi campur, 1 fried noodle, 3 house special drink, 1 coconut)
  • Blue Ocean restaurant in front of Legian Beach = Rp.400,000 for 4 persons (2 nasi campur, 1 spaghetti, 1 house special pizza, 1 coconut, 3 juice)
  • Seminyak Café = around Rp. 200,000 for 4 persons (1 giant burget set, 1 friend rice, 1 tuna sandwich, 1 chicken gordon blue, 1 strawberry pie, 3 juices)


  • Mineral Water = around S$1.20-1.70/small bottle
  • Tian tian chicken rice in Maxwell Hawker, Chinatown = S$3.5/big set, somehow the taste is different than what I read in the travelers’ review
  • Kopitiam foodcourt in Vivo City Mall, Harbour Front: Roti Prata set = S$6, Ice Milk Tea = S$1.60
  • Just Acia restaurant in Dhoby Ghaut Station: Teriyaki set = S$9.90++  include free flow hot chocolate/coffe/milk/moccacino and free flow ice cream
  • Kopitiam in Changi Airport Terminal 2: breakfast set A (roti kaya butter, hot tea, 2 half boiled egg) = S$4, Roti Kaya only = S$1.40



  • Entrance to Tanah Lot =Rp.7,500/adult, Rp.5,000/car
  • Kecak Dance Show at Batubulan = Rp.80,000/adult
  • Souvenir in Tanah Lot Market
    *Kain Bali / Bali Sarong = Rp.25,000
    *Bali Barong Shirt = Rp13,000-15,000
  • Souvenir in Ubud Art Market
    *Bracelet = Rp.25,000Souvenir in Bintang Supermarket, Seminyak
  • Souvenir in Sukawati Market, Ubud
    *Mini Dress = Rp.30,000
    *TShirt = Rp.15,000
    *Sandal = Rp.10,000-20,000
    *Short Pants = Rp.15,000
    *Lulur Bali/Body Scrub = Rp.10,000
    *Bracelet = Rp.15,000
    *Kacang Disco = Rp.12,000/box
    *Lulur Bali = around Rp.8,000
  • Beach Bench rental
    *in Nusa Dua Beach = Rp.25,000 no time limitation
    *in Legian Beach = Rp.25,000 no time limitation
  • Body Board rental in Legian Beach = Rp.20,000 no time limitation
  • Angeline Spa in Legian Street, near Bank BNI: Body Massage = Rp.45,000/1 hour + Face/Head Massage = Rp.60,000/1 hour
  • Café entrance that period was a bit higher than usual
    *Engine Room = Rp.50,000 with no free drink and the drink there is expensive
    *Paddy’s = Rp.75,000 with free drink
  • Diving in Nusa Dua at Kanaka watersport operator = Rp.500,000/2 dives include full equipment


  • UOB money changer in Changi T2, near information desk to buy:
    * SIN Dollar was sold Rp.250 higher than in Jakarta
    * Starhub Green SIM Card at = S$15
    got free sms local/global and I used it to call to Indonesia using 018 code many times and I still have balance around S$5 until now.
  • Fragrance Shop, Pagoda Street Chinatown
    *Bak kwa = about S$25 for 0.5kg . I got discount when I came so I paid S$21.85 for it.
    *Snack (shredded fish etc) = 3 bags for s$10
  • Bak kwa in Lim Chee Guan Shop, next to Fragrance Shop, Chinatown = S$30 for 0.5kg
  • Bee Cheng Hiang Shop, Pagoda Street, Chinatow
    * Snack/peanut = S$7.80/bag
  • Candy Shop next to Bee Cheng Hiang, Chinatown
    * any kind of candy for about S$1.40/100gr
  • Souvenir in Pagoda Street Stalls:
    *key chain = 11pcs for S$10, there is also 30pcs for S$10 in front of my hostel.
    *refrigerator magnet = S$1/pc, there is also 3pcs for S$5 or S$2/pc
    *scarf = 5 for S$10
    *watch = S$4/pc
  • Souvenir in Little India
    *glasses = S$1.90/pc
    *snack goes as low as S$1.05/big bag
  • Magic Scarf inn Vivo City, Harbour Front = S$29.90/pc
  • Book & Clothes, I think it’s cheaper in Jakarta except for branded goods

Trip Journal

Day 1  Bali: Legian, Double Six

This time, I went to Bali with my family. We arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport almost midnight and we were lucky that Hotel Kusnadi provides Airport Transfer for free (airport – hotel only). Kusnadi Hotel is located in Jl. Werkudara, Legian, near Jayakarta Hotel and Double Six area. When we arrived at hotel, the staffs greeted us politely and brought our luggage to our rooms. We had 2 standard rooms. Mine was very standard, with a very large room, flat TV and a cupboard and a very large bathroom. My mom got a better room, I think that was a deluxe room. Her room is smaller than mine but the furniture etc looks better than mine. The weird thing is that they put the cupboard inside the bathroom..

Well, after putting my luggage and bought some water supply, my sister and I went to check out the clubs at Double Six. It was Friday nite and the crowd wasn’t much except at Cocoon Club. But Cocoon Club looks very exclusive and it’s an outdoor club, so we just watched it from outside, then walked back to our hotel for a good nite sleep.

foto: kusnadi hotel

Day 2  Bali: Tanah Lot, Ubud,  Celuk, Batubulan, Denpasar

We woke up quite late then had my breakfast. The buffet breakfast was okay. There are fried noodle, bacon, potato, cereal, fruits, breads and juices. You can order omelet too actually. That morning I realized that Kusnadi Hotel actually looked very standard. It’s  kinda old but their garden and its arrangement are so beautiful. The walk path to my room is like a maze, but for me, it is very good landscape. Separating about 2-3 rooms from other by the garden, just like giving the guest private space.

After breakfast, I walked to Legian Beach for a quick feeling of the morning air breeze there while waiting the rental car came. It was a very nice feeling seeing all the people there jogging, playing with the water or taking their dog for a walk. After meeting with the driver arranged by Jack, a rental car agent I got from Kaskus (Indonesian Largest Forum)., we started the tour. It was the first time for some of my family members to visit Bali so we did kinda normal tour.

Our first destination was Tanah Lot. It took about 30min from Legian. We took some pictures there from the hill with Tanah Lot temple as background, then did some shopping. My target to shop there is always ‘Kain Bali’ / sarung bali near the entrance gate. The display is good and many variety of design so easy for me to choose. After that, we took an hour drive to Ubud to taste the famous Ibu Oka Suckling pig. The resto was very crowded. We waited for a while to get a seat and ordered the complete set and the taste.. hm.. I think the first time I ate it is better. Some meat looked still raw too. My friend told me that it was best to come there around 11am or after 14:00 because they cook it well/not in the rush. Next time, I will follow his advice. After lunch, we took a little stroll to Ubud Art Market and surroundings. I got some cute bracelets which seem popular souvenir these days. Then, we went to Sukawati Market to buy more cheap souvenirs. My mom and I got some cheap clothes and sandals.. I like shopping there, they can give you good price, as long as you can bargain well.
After Sukawati, we went to Celuk to a Silver Shop.. Local tourist can get very good discount ^^/  but still expensive for me  ><” . And at last, we visited Batubulan to watch Kecak Dance. This is my first time seeing it. I preferred watching it in Uluwatu though but it was rainy days. In Batubulan, we can see Kecak Dance indoor. It is something rare watching Kecak indoor since it involves fire and smoke etc but I like the show. The costumes and dances are very beautiful. Although, eventually everyone smelled like just got burn or something. I would love to see it again.

After Batulan, we had dinner at Solaria in Carefour Denpasar and had quick shopping for water supply in the mart, then we went back to hotel. It was a long day!

Ubud Art Market from:

Day 3  Bali: Nusa Dua, Pecatu, Kuta, Legian

On this day, I had fun-dive in Nusa Dua with

Kanaka Ocean watersport operator in Tanjung Benoa. It was my first 2 dives after getting OW License so I was very excited. The operator picked me up at 9am. Soon after arriving in the site, I was introduced to my Dive Master, Mr. Roro. He is a nice guy. We had our first dive in the site offshore, far from the regular introductory site. I got some worry that time because there was something wrong with the regulator and my weight belt was not even. I realized I didnt pre-check my equipment. My instructor would be really mad if he found it out. Well, I got my lesson. My buoyancy was off and I hit some rocks, got my first diving scars after 8 safe-dives… so stupid. Anyway, I know I still have a lot to learn and I should be more careful next time. As for Nusa Dua dive sites, it is better than Sanur. No big current. The first site I went has many fishes but the second one, there are many big fishes there (aka people). I only dived short time there because suddenly the visibility went bad (only 2m).

foto nusa dua, ayam betutu

This day, I also rented a car but using Orchid Travel service. The car picked up my family first and next me at the watersport site, then we went for Lunch at Ayam Betutu gilimanuk, near Nusa Dua area I guess. We ordered the Deep Fried Chicken (whole chicken). Ayam Betutu is one of the local Bali food. It has their own spice and sambal (very hot), makes the taste different than other deep fried chicken.
Anyway, main focus of the tour this day would be “beach” which I have never been to. So after our stomach got full, we started the tour by visiting Nusa Dua Beach. I was so surprised seeing the beautiful white sandy beach on my left and also on my right. If you see Bali map, I believe you will know where it is. The wave was so calm that day so we could play with the water. There was also other tourist object called “Waterblow”, where you can see a water blown-up from the rock.. it was beautiful. Then our next destination is Pantai Geger (Geger Beach). This beach reminds me of Dreamland Beach in Pecatu area but without the high rock. It is a very clean white sandy beach. Unfortunately, the beach was full with people, so I just took a picture and decided to go to the next destination, Karma Kandara. But unfortunately, due to limit of time, we skipped it and went straight to Padang-Padang Beach. It took about 1 hour to go there from Nusa Dua. When we reached the beach, we still have to pass this stairs between high rocks.. just like going in a cave and there at the end, we found a beautiful beach. There were no much people since it was about 4pm. The water there was so calm so we played and swam for almost 2 hours. I really enjoyed it, especially when thinking that Julia Robert was there when she did film-shooting of  “Eat Pray Love” ^.^v.

Got tired playing in the beaches, we finally felt the need of dinner. I asked the driver to take us to affordable local food resto. He brought us to the street near Joger Shop Kuta, it was Jl. Kahuripan if I am not mistaken. We ate at Bambu Sari restaurant. The food there is so delicious. I am saying this not because I was so hungry that time, but the Nasi Campur (mixed rice) was really perfect taste!! And the sambal was very very hot, but good !!  The house special drinks were also as good as the food. The driver really know well the location of good resto. 

After we went back to hotel, my sister and I decided to take some massage at our fave spa, Angeline spa in Jl. Legian and then back to hotel, cleaned up, dressed up and tried to enjoy the nite at Legian clubs. I always wanted to try Engine Room so we went there. The entrance ticket for local was quite expensive (Rp.50k) and not included first drink ><”  The place is small, not much people come but the music there is good. Too bad the drinks and others are expensive, if not, I would love to come back there next time. We ordered one drink there then left and visited the most crowded place that time, which was Paddy’s. We went there and got a little shock cause the entrance ticket was Rp.75k, 50% higher than usual. Maybe because of holiday season.. anyway, we like it there so just paid it and enjoyed the music and danced until……

Day 4  Bali: Legian, Seminyak

It was hard to be in this day because we would leave Bali the next day. There were still many things we wanted to do. Anyway, the morning went as usual by having buffet breakfast. I ordered the mixed omelet, tasted good, maybe because there was bacon LoL… then we went to Legian Beach for relax but for me, I went there for Body Board. The water was kinda scary actually, many big waves.. but it was good for body boarding. I remembered the driver told me about it, that the wave in west part was not friendly. That’s why Pantai Geger was full of people the previous day. Many tourists preferred going to east side beach with better waves and calm water.. Anyway, we spent quite long time in Legian.. We rent a beach bench there at my fave place in front of Kumala Pantai Restaurant. I use to rent the bench and body board there because their price is very reasonable. But I don’t think the rental guy notice that :p .. we also had lunch at Blue Ocean resto in front of Legian Beach (dunno if it’s the correct name). The taste was good.. the pizza was too salty though.. but the service was good. Very equal with the price :p  Anyway, we were in the beach until afternoon.

After got back to hotel, we tried a little taste of their good swimming pool. I wish I could stay there longer to enjoy it longer.. Then it came our ‘last nite’ in Bali, we planned it by having dinner in Seminyak café. The food there is not bad. I ordered their famous giant burger, it tasted good but my stomach couldn’t eat it more. I was too full with my lunch. My other family ordered Tuna Sandwich and Fried Rice, both tasted good. Only my sister who ordered their chicken Gordon blue had to regret it.. too oily on the fried. I also ordered their Strawberry Pie and it was delicious. I would love to go back there and try it again next time.

Well, the dinner went well. We had some souvenir shop at Bintang Supermarket, just behind this café, then walked back to our hotel.  It is not close, but it is also not that far.

Day 5  Singapore: Chinatown, Harbour Front, Clarke Quay

Today my family and I had different destination. They were going to return to Jakarta and I was going to continue my journey to Singapore. My family flight was early morning so I booked an airport transfer, using Orchid Travel again. The price is not bad, Rp.70,000 using APV car. I knew the owner of this travel on the net and it was good that she made the time to see me that morning while picking up my family. She is a nice person and we have a common hobby ‘diving’ ^.^  I really thank her to have arranged the destination for me and show the beautiful beaches on Day 3.

After my family left for airport, I tried to find ATM BNI since I needed more Sin Dollars. I walked through Jl. Legian, then Jl.Melasti then Jl.Padma and I could not find it. Damn.. It was a very long walk and end up by me went to internet and played my fave game hehehe..  it is better than just waiting in the hotel..  From that internet café, I took a blue bird taxi to my hotel, then pack up some more things and went to airport…

I couldn’t wait to be in airport, check in and go to Singapore.. I was almost late actually cause I spent too long in internet café and packing.. I was so thrilled and nervous because it was my first time to Singapore and also my first solo traveling overseas. My Air Asia ticket was actually for 2 persons but my cousin had to cancel very last minute. So there was me, checking-in by myself, got questioned by the immigration and airlines staffs about her.. she must be laughing when reading this.. also jealous… I guess hihihi..

My flight departed on time and I arrived in Singapore as schedule. First thing to do there was finding the money changer and the UOB to buy SIM Card and the MRT Ticketting office to buy EZLink Card. Air Asia arrived at terminal 1 so I had to take Skyline to Terminal 2, where there is MRT Station to the city. I looked for UOB and Money Changer and a little surprise knowing that UOB is a money changer which also selling SIM Card. I changed some rupiah and the rate there is Rp.250 higher than in Jakarta. I also bought Starhub Green SIM Card for easy communication with my friend. The starter pack costs S$15. Afterward, I went to MRT Office. Changi Airport is big and a nice place. I think KL Airport is better though but maybe the service in Changi is more complete. Anyway, I got the EZLink Card for S$12 and top-it-up with S$10. So I had value of S$17 in total, the other S$5 was the non-refundable card cost. But with this value, I could go to all destination I planned and yet, still had some balance at the end of my day.

foto changi airport, sim card, ez link

After got all I need, I started my journey to my hostel in Chinatown by MRT. Singapore MRT (SMRT) reminds me of Tokyo’s J-Rail. But SMRT has more alphabet writing that I could read 😀  I was still confused, nervous for sure and I was lucky that there was some Philippine youngsters at train who helped me find my way. They explained to me how to get to Chinatown and was with me until my first alight station/Tanah Merah. Before they left, they reminded me to alight again in Outram Park Station. But clumsy me, it was ‘tanjong pagar’ I had in mind, so I stopped there and got lost a little. Finally I opened my MRT map and realized I got off in the wrong station (one station earlier). Well, eventually I reached Chinatown, found the exit to Pagoda Street with its beautiful Chinese New Year décor. And when I got to the exit gate, I saw my hostel sign on my left “A Beary Good Hostel”. I was hoping that the hostel would be similar to the sound of its name ‘very good hostel”. It turned out that the place was very nice and comfortable. The location is perfect too, only few steps to MRT entrance and there are many souvenir shops in front. Even so, the noise didn’t reach the room. It is my first time staying in a dorm with other travelers and the place and bed looks comfy for me. I felt like home…

photo: chinatown, a beary good hostel, maxwell hawker, smith street

A Beary Good Hostel

tian-tian chicken rice

Anyway, I had appointment with my friend that time. She is a colleague from my office affiliates in Singapore. We went for dinner at Maxwell Hawker and had Tian-tian chicken rice. I chose this place following the good review of other travelers. But for me, that chicken rice tasted so so. Maybe because I am Indonesian and use to have very strong taste of food, while that chicken rice tastes very soft. After dinner, she taught me how to read the MRT sign. She’s very helpful. Then, I went to Vivo City to find this ‘Magic Scarf’. I knew it from my friend and bought one for me. Vivo City is a big department store in Harbour Front area. I think it’s similar with big mall in Jakarta so I didn’t really interest to explore it. Next, I went to Clarke Quay. The view there was great from across the river, seeing the light from restaurants and cafés while sitting in the side of the river. It felt so comforting. I was there quite long, enjoying the view, listening to the house music.. all for free hehehe…  afterward, I went back to Chinatown, saw some souvenir in the shops around my hostel, then finally back to hostel, clean up and rested at my bunk..

photo: clarke quay, boat quay, vivo city

Day 6  Raffles Place, Little India, Harbour Front, Dhoby Ghaut, Chinatown

I woke up with a good feeling. My bunk felt so comfy that made me resting well ^^/  The hostel offers breakfast of cereal, bread, coffee/tea/milk.. You can have as much as you want. I tried the free internet also (they prepare the notebook) and the connection is fast. Very value place!! Anyway on day six, The plan is to stroll down the area in Little India, Raffles Place, Chinatown with its sightseeing referring to itinerary from wikitravel (“Three Days in Singapore“).

First destination was Raffles Place, this place has many high buildings, reminds me of Tokyo. You can see the Cavenagh Bridge (oldest bridge that still standing, you should read the interesting sign board before crossing it), the white Raffles Statue (heard there is the bronze one near it but unfortunately I didn’t find it) and then the symbol of Singapore, Merlion Statue (Mermaid Lion). I though Merlion statue would be big but in fact, I am taller than it LoL ..  I looked that statue for quite long so kinda disappointed hehehe.. but the view from that Merlion park is awesome. You can see the Marina Bay Sands  Hotel (3 high buildings with a ship shape on the top connecting them) and Esplanade building (shape like Durian).

photo: cavenagh bridge, merlion statue, raffles statue

Lunch time, I went to Kopitiam Foodcourt at Vivo city Mall and had Roti Prata set. I like it.

roti prata set @ kopitiam vivocity

Finished with lunch, I continue to stroll down Little India. I walked from Little India Station exit until Farrer Park Station while seeing the Indian decoration on the street and its surrounding. It is nice, many Indians there and there is this famous Mustafa Center near Farrer Park Station, where you can shop for 24 hours.

From Little India, I went back to Pagoda Street Chinatown for souvenir hunting again. There is this famous barbeque pork meat called “Bak Kwa”. Its famous shop are Bee Cheng Hiang & Lim Chee Guan. But I shopped at other cheaper store near them called Fragrance. I got Bak Kwa S$8 cheaper for the 0.5kg. It was Chinese New Year season so everywhere you can see stalls / shop with Chinese décor or selling Chinese new year stuffs. I liked seeing it, all in red ^^/

photo: little india, mustafa center

At nite, I had dinner with my friend and hers at Dhoby Ghaut Station. Before that, we went to book store in Plaza Singapore. The book price is slightly higher than in Jakarta but I believe they get the book released earlier than in Jakarta. So I bought my fave book which is just released last month, last book of Vampire Academy called Last Sacrifice. Love this book. Anyway, we had our dinner at a restaurant in the station called Just Acia. The special thing about this resto is that you can get free flow of any drinks and ice cream if you order the set menu. I ordered the teriyaki set and it tasted not bad. I also took the hot chocolate, moccachino, some ice cream.. interesting : )

Day 7  Singapore: Chinatown

It was my last day in Singapore. My flight was about 2pm so I tried to get the things I haven’t done in the morning which is a quick sightseeing around Chinatown and trying Roti Kaya.

Apparently not far from my hostel, there is a Mosque and Vihara and Chinese temple in one street. It is something very rare to find in Indonesia

photo: masjid, temples

Then next is to taste “Roti Kaya” (toast with some kind of coconut pandan jam). My friend said the best one is called “Yakun Toast” because it is very crispy and I can find it in Changi Airport. So I went to airport earlier . I didn’t get lost that time but after 1 station away,  I realized that I forgot my passport at the hostel. Lucky the passport is still there. I really thank Beary Good Hostel for it. Back to Yakun toast, unluckily, this coffee shop was on renovation that time. Too bad. Although so, I remembered an article about kopitiam which is also selling it and there is Kopitiam in Changi Terminal 2. So I went there and tried the Breakfast set menu A which consist of hot tea (milk tea, like teh tarik), 2 half-boiled egg and 2 slice of Roti Kaya Butter. Roti Kaya Butter tasted very good but half-boiled egg (telor setengah matang), it is better not to order it if you never tried it before and the hot Teh Tarik tasted Good!! Actually we can find Kaya jam (Srikaya) in Indonesia but Singapore’s tastes different (not too sweet). Oh..  talking about Yakun Toast again, I just learned that you can find it in Jakarta… I tried it soon as I know about it but somehow the taste was not good. I believe Singapore taste is better :p

photo: kopitiam changi,  yakun

Well, overall on my solo travelling to Singapore, I think Singapore is good place for shopping branded things or going to Universal Studio in Singapore (USS). The other would be similar with Jakarta. Actually USS was my main destination for this trip, but since my cousin canceled so… It would be funny going to recreational park just alone anyway   :p.  Other than USS, the things I like on this trip would be  “staying at A Beary Good Hostel”, “seating in the river side and seeing the lights of Clarke Quay at nite” and “eating Roti Kaya” …  I would definitely do these 3 things next time I visit Singapore


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