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Geez.. It’ s been a long time since I checked this blog.

I can say 2014 was kinda a crazy year for me… mostly due to my study and work. There was even a point where I forgot that I had this blog LoL. Thanks God I passed that. I got my degree so no more stress for finals or papers etc… I’ve found a new job too which is a bit stress-free because I am doing what I am good at (mostly).

Then now, I am thinking to start writing again. Actually, there are some posts in my draft box. Those would be my old journals or hotel reviews. The contents are mostly ideas on how to write… But .. Hm… Have you ever had so many ideas in your head on what to write, how to write it, etc.. but at the end, you can’t finish what you write? Just like writing the topics only to get them out of your head.. But then, you don’t develop them. You don’t finish them. I had it a lot that I decided to start fresh. Just let go all those drafts and start a new post.

2014 was really a lazy time for me to write. I guess it is still now. You may have seen some posts with no pictures. I am sorry for that. I will remove the picture notes.

Meanwhile, let’s see if I can finish this one. Let’s review my trip in 2014 before I start writing new journal.





[ Uluwatu Temple ]

For the xx times, I visited Bali again. This time, I was sort of like a guide for my uncle’s family. Well, they like me being in charge with the itinerary so… Sometimes, I wonder how it’s like to be the participants instead :p

Anyway, what I enjoyed on this trip was the fact that there were 5 girls who have the same ‘party’ style so we could have an awesome nightout : )  Yeah, we had parties for sure plus visiting some beaches. I even visited Uluwatu Temple, finally… It’s ashamed for being able to visit this famous temple now, after visiting Bali so many times. But my fave on this trip was the dinner at Ultimo Restaurant, Seminyak. Yep, it’s the dinner, not a beach. I’ve been wanting to try this place and finally I made it. I love the pasta and pizza. Desserts (pina colada, tiramisu) are not my fave. But the price is very value! And the portion.. ow.. a lot!! This place is recommended!!

Then, we got a chance to visit Motel Mexicola and La Favela, both in Seminyak. These places were ‘happening’ (aka booming) that time. Motel Mexicola is a nice Mexican restaurant to chill out and chit chat with your friends while having tacos, margaritas, etc. The decor is very Mexicana. While La Favela is more exclusive and suitable for romantic dinner. I love its décor. Price is more expensive than Motel Mexicola.

As for hotel, I stayed in:

(1) Jesen’s Inn 2 in Bakung Sari street. The room is clean, pool is small but looks clean. Location is surrounded by souvenir stores with affordable price. But it’s a long walk, 20min to Bali Bomb Monument (Sky Garden Club) and even a longer walk to Kuta beach.

(2) Tune Hotel Legian within short walk to Legian beach but located in a quiet neighborhood. Love this place.

[ Motel Mexicola ]

motel mexicano 

motel mexicola motel mexicola

[ La Favela ]

la favela la favela

la favela

[ Ultimo Restaurant ]


[ Ayam Betutu ]

Local food lunch at Kuta: Ayam Betutu (fried chicken/steam chicken with spicy sauce/sambal), Sate Ayam Lilit(chicken satay), Lawar (spicy mixed veggie)

ayam betutu and balinese food

[ Pandawa Beach ]


pandawa 2

Overall, we (esp the girls) had a lot of fun ^^





[ Borobudur Temple ]

You may have read my post about this trip (“Exploring the Beach around Yogyakarta“), but let me put it in brief here.

I never thought I would be back to Yogyakarta since I’ve been there a lot! But my friends said that they would visit the beach, which I didn’t know such tourist spots were there. So, few weeks later, I found myself in Yogya.

I love the beach. It’s prohibited to swim there because of many rocks, but the place is still clean, still natural.

I love their local food “Gudeg”. If you don’t mind with a bit sweet food, you must try this!

As for hotel, we stayed in:

(1) Virgo 2 Inn in Wetan II alley, Sosrowijayan street. It’s new and clean. It’s near Malioboro street where all the crazy night life (shopping, food) happen here.

(2) EDU hostel, female dorm. It’s clean but many insects and crazily loud at night. The hostel is used for by students on school trips. Very disturbing!

[ Baron Beach ]



[ Krakal Beach ]


[ Yogyakarta King’s Palace ]

These ornaments are so adorable !! These were the mini-soldiers.



[ Gudeg, the local food ]


yogya  IMG_0223

Overall, it was an exciting trip. It’s always exciting if you go with your friends.




clown fish, kelagian kecil island in lampung province

Who would have thought that there would be this beautiful snorkeling site in the southern of Sumatera island, not too far from Jakarta. I’ve been to most snorkeling sites around Java island, Bali, and Lombok but I never thought of this place. I am so grateful that my friend telling me about it. I love most of the snorkeling sites here. Why? The view is awesome, the water is calm, and you can see a lot of Nemo within your reach. Unbelievable! The boatman said that there were many other beautiful sites but only for people who are good at snorkeling. Sadly, you’ll find a lot of people joining a snorkeling group who don’t know how to swim or snorkeling and they simply step or touch or kick the corals. I am so sad seeing that.

Anyway, you can read my detail story on “Hunting Nemo in Pahawang island, Sumatera”.

box fish, pahawang kecil island in lampung province crown of thorns starfish, tanjung putus island in lampung province

Overall, I love this island and I would be back! Highly recommended for snorkeling!!




I went back to Bali to free my mind of those finals headache. It was last day of final. Mostly, I was just relaxing on this trip, sleeping at the hotel. Well, I craved for many good night sleeps cause I hardly slept during finals for about a month prep. (crazy times).

Then I fell from my motorbike cause this stu**d guy (foreigner) suddenly cross a two-way street, without checking the traffic first. It was in Legian street, the main “big” street. D*#n! Luckily I drove slowly. So, for you who have never been to Bali, pleaseeee, I beg you to check on the road (see left and right) before crossing the street, even it’s just a small street.

The rest of the trip was so so. The party was not as awesome I thought it would be. There were 2 groups of girls who have different style of party… One group is suitable for Seminyak. The other is suitable for Kuta. We visited Potato Head, Kudeta, Sky Garden that night. But to be honest, I hardly enjoyed the party.

But hey, there were awesome times too. The night I checked out gay bars in Seminyak with my friends turned out to be an ‘awesome’ night. Then I had time to try this burger place, “Wacko Burger”, that looks so yummy… (taste good too)

As for hotel, I stayed in:

(1) Fourteen Roses Beach Hotel in Melasti street. I love this hotel. Very close to Kuta beach and Melasti souvenir market. I found a nice massage place in Melasti street, which I forgot the name. The room is old but clean. I love the little garden and swimming pool in the center. I would stay here again!!

(2) Grandmas Legian, Legian street. Room is small and clean enough. Staffs are kind. But they have this regular mosquito spray in the morning, causing smoke everywhere. They checked me on day 2 as well, whether I would extend, while my booking was for 2 nights. Imo, this is a nice hotel for short stay but that regular spray is pretty annoying. I won’t stay there again.

[ ‘Down Under’ burger @ Wacko Burger, Seminyak Food Village ]


Overall, it was just an okay trip. Plus, I lost my camera files too and the only one left is this burger photo lol. 😀

* * * * * * * * * *

some pictures are courtesy of Sy, Ti, Zm

* * * * * * * * * *

Hey.. I finish this post ^^/

Lastly, I always add this when new year starts…

The Blogging Annual Report from WordPress.

(I just pick up some interesting points)

Crunchy numbers

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,000 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people. The busiest day of the year was June 12th with 56 views. The most popular post that day was ☆ My Travel Tips to Bali island, Indonesia.

Attractions in 2014

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Some of your most popular posts were written before 2014. Your writing has staying power! Consider writing about those topics again.


{10 Feb 2014}   ☆ Back in Bali
This post has been waiting around in my draft box for more than a year ><“

Have you ever had a post that’s been in your draft box for over a year, waiting to be publish?
I just found one (this post). hpmf…   I forgot why I haven’t published it, such a waste. But rather that I deleted it, I better just publish it. Enjoy!

* * * * *

“ I feel like I haven’t visited this island for years that I decided to have a visit, just a short one
So here I am again, writing a journal of my short visit to Bali.”

 sunset from the stones, kuta

[ Sunset from The Stone beach club, Kuta Beach ]

After long absence, I was back in Bali for the weekend. Somehow it felt wrong for not visiting this Island of God for 8 months. You may wonder why, but I am still wondering myself why… So I went there for a short visit, as usual, because of my limited leave days from work. Plus this time, I made a plan to dive with a friend.


It is a year late journal so I tried to make it simple and emphasize on place-to-eat/hangout/sleep.

For brief expense list, please go to the bottom of this post.

April 2012

Day 1 

– Arrived in Bali Airport around noon. Apparently the airport was under renovation that I couldn’t go directly to parking lot. Instead, I walked to International terminal, to the parking lot, then to the exit gate to take Blue Bird to Poppies Lane 2, Kuta. It was a very long walk, 500m I guess. But rather than I pay double taxi fare, I prefer walking this far.

– Check in at Bounty Hotel, Poppies Lane 2. I was asked for deposit about usd100 while I had paid the room in fuul through Agoda. I just complained ant they settled for USD50 deposit.

– Had my lunch at my fave Warung Indonesia in Gg. Ronta, Poppies lane 2.

– Met up with some coworkers late afternoon. They were in Bali to attend a workshop and I joined their afternoon party at The Stone Beachclub in Kuta beach. The sunset view from the rooftop was beautiful that afternoon.

Day 2 

– I took a day trip dive to Tulamben with my former diving school, Bali Scuba. They pick me up around 7am and brought me to their office in Sanur for settling the administration. Afterwards we were off to Tulamben, one of the best dive site in northeast part of Bali. It took about 3 hours to reach the site. I think it took longer than my previous trip there.

underwater camera at bali scuba dive shop
[ saw this cool underwater camera at bali scuba shop. i want one!! ]

– My friend joined me in Tulamben and we had 2 awesome dives. First dive was near the wreck and second one near the artificial underwater garden. Then back to Kuta which journey was about the same 3 hours ride, so loooooong.

– Had dinner with my friend at Sushi Tei in Sunset Road, about 15-20min ride by taxi.

– At nite, we spent it exploring the nitelife in Legian (bounty, paddy’s, sky garden) and Double Six (la vida loca). Shockingly my friend lost her camera in La Vida Loca. D**n!! I’ve heard those stories about pick-pocket in Bali clubs but that was the first time happened to the group I went with. Awesome nite soon became a bad one. Hm.. those cute pics or ours were gone 😦
Be careful when you partying there guys!

Day 3 

– I woke up late that I missed to taste Bounty Hotel’s breakfast. I didn’t have it the day before due to my early dive. Hm.. will I be able to go back and taste it?? I don’t think I wannna stay there again. The room rate is just too expensive for that kind of old facilities.

– At noon, I check out from Bounty Hotel and moved to Baleka Resort in Legian, the same hotel as my friend.

– I had my lunch at Mozzarella Restaurant in Jalan Padma. It’s near the hotel and one of my fave restaurant. I had a meet-up with Bali couchsurfing members there and spent the rest of the day with them, hanging out in Legian beach watching sunset, check-out La Barca beachcafe in Batubelig and ended the day enjoying clubs in Legian and Double Six. Awesome!

Day 4

– I managed to wake up early and tried Baleka Resort’s breakfast. It tasted good. They served variety of bakery. There were also Indonesian food and my fave breakfast menu, sausage + omelet. That morning was my friend last day in Bali so I said goodbye to her. Sad one. After breakfast, I continued my sleep ^^. So tired…

– I check out Cocoon Beachclub for a friend who was looking a place for her wedding reception and spent my afternoon in Legian beach till sunset time. The place is nice.

– From Legian beach, I walked to Melasti Street to buy souvenir.

– Had my dinner in my fave Warung Indonesia with a friend

– Had a massage in Angelina Spa, Legian street

– Spent the rest of the nite at Legian clubs (surfer bar, expresso bar)

Day 5

– Took the first flight back to Jakarta and straight to work. It was a long but awesome weekend ^^/


Bounty Hotel

It’s located in Poppies Lane 2, 5min walks from Kuta beach. This hotel is suitable for party lover. so if you are not this group, I recommend you to find other place. They have DJ in the main pool, playing club music till night. They also provide free entrance for local guess to Legian clubs (bounty, paddy’s). I booked a double room through and got USD60/nite include breakfast. For further story, please go to my review “My Stay at Bounty Hotel” in my other blog

Baleka Resort

It’s located in Werkudara street, near Double Six area, a 15min walk to Legian beach. I chose this hotel cause I was curious with their swimming pool that looked great on the web. For further story, please go to my review “My Stay at Baleka Resort”in my other blog


Warung  Indonesia,located in Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane, Kuta. Cannot miss eating at this cheap local restaurant with a good taste of Indonesian food.

warung indonesia

Mozzarella Restaurant, Jl. Padma, Legian. I luv this restaurant. They serve good foods.

mozarella resto, padma

La Barca, in Batubelig. A nice bar in a boat shape. Unfortunately it has closed down now.

la barca, petitengget

The Stones beach club, Kuta beach. Fancy one, food is not really good but they offer a nice sunset view.

the stones beach club, kuta

the stones beach club, kuta

Expresso Bar, in Legian clubs strip. You can sing here if you have the talent.

expresso bar, legian

Other places:

  • Sushi Tei Restaurant, a bit fancy one, located in Sunset Road. I like the restaurant, all white. It has different decor than the one in Jakarta and bigger for sure.
  • Sky Garden Club, Legian
  • Bounty Club, Legian
  • Surfer Bar, Legian

(USD 1 = Rp10k)

<this expense might be different now due to 30% increment of fuel charge last year>

  • Blue Bird Taxi
    > Denpasar Airport to Poppies Lane 2, Kuta: Rp.25,000
    > Legian street to Sunset Road (Sushi Tei): Rp.30,000
  • Kuta-Sanur-Tulamben-Sanur-Kuta : free transfer from Bali Scuba dive center
  • There supposed to be more transportation expense but my friend gave me a ride to some of the places.
  • Bounty Hotel: USD 60 through Agoda
  • Baleka Resort: USD 60 through Agoda
  • Warung Indonesia, lunch:   for
  • Mozzarella Restaurant, lunch:  for
  • Sky garden, summer berries cocktail: Rp.75k before 12pm
  • La Vida Loca, draftbeer: Rp.30,000
  • 2 dives in Tulamben with Bali Scuba dive center : USD 93.5 for local diver incl equipment
  • Angeline spa : Rp. 75,000 for 1.5hours massage


bali apr 2012

{10 Feb 2014}   Welcome to My Blog!!

Update: Oct 2016

Traveling around the world, visiting many places, experiencing new cultures

have always been a dream of mine


Thanks for visiting my blog.

This blog consists of my travel journals which I divide into 4 subjects:

Each subject is summarized  and put on a sticky post in this homepage. I put travel tips and some reference as well there. Meanwhile, each travel journal consists of its travel expense too which is (imo) the most essential info to look for when browsing for my next trip.

I also have another blog covering my experience staying in budget hotel or any type of accommodation which meet my budget of course, that is ” My Stay In Budget Hotel “. It’s just too much if I put them all here 🙂

Well, hope these journals would be useful for you!



My Latest Journal

newly posted :

The following are the trips I have not been able to finish the journals… But feel free to ask if you need any info about these places.
– Shangiang island [April 2015, 2 days]
– Kampung Inggris, the English ‘speaking’ Village in East Java [July 2015, 4 days]
– New Year in Bali [Jan 2016]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao, Patong) [March 2016, 9 days]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao) [July 2016]


More about me, click here.



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WOW… time passes quiet fast. It’s already 2014 now and as I wrote in my other blog’s 2013 review, I don’t really travel much in 2013. Increment in fuel price made everything expensive. Before it, I could get the best oneway ticket to Bali for about Rp300k-400k by Garuda, the best airlines in Indonesia. But now it’s like Rp600k. ><”

Talking about the trips I had in 2013, they were all within Indonesia. I traveled to my fave Bali island, then Lombok island (senggigi, gili trawangan) which become my fave destination,  and had short trips to Bandung in West Java.

MARCH 2013

I traveled solo to Bali (kuta) and Lombok (senggigi, gili trawangan) for 3 nites and each nite I stayed in different area. It’s kinda crazy, but hey, I don’t get many leave days from work. So yeah, sometimes I put too much activities on a trip. It’s more like an adventure trip than a relax holiday. However, in this trip, I was more focus on the transport within Lombok as a reference to my next one week trip in August with my family. Read the rest of this entry »


Today, I read this notification from WordPress, I think it was sent 6 days ago, saying Happy Anniversary! and that I’ve been registered on for 4 years! Wow! I didn’t realized it until today.

4 years is a long time. I never thought I would keep writing this blog that long. It’s been a nice journey, seeing how horrible my first writing was :D, how exciting when reading my previous travel journal again while remembering all those good times on those trips and how my writing improve since then..

Hm…  lets see what this blog has accomplished during these 4 years, according to WordPress Stats:

  • There are 36,027 views so far.
    It’s not a lot, especially after September 2011 when I decided to split the budget hotel review to my other blog ““. But hey, I am glad I still have readers 😀
  • The best ever viewed was on 5 March 2012 with 127 views. I
    think that’s after I posted my travel journals to Thailand.
  • There are 39 published posts in this blog at the moment which top 3 posts are “Home page / archives” with 13,491 views, “Budget Hotel (bali)” with 4,903 views and “Weekend Getaway in Bali” with 1,622 views.

According to me:  That stats is not bad, I guess, considering I don’t write often. I like writing and it’s the only place I could do it,   free writing with no rules (except the blog rules ofcourse) about whatever comes in my head. So I enjoy it. Although there is also a slight disappointment in myself that I haven’t been able to make the time to finish all pending travel journals. I have like 3 journals to Bali, 1 journal to Karimunjawa in Central Java and 1 journal to Lombok that are still under drafting in the dashboard. There are also some photos that haven’t been upload into the published posts. Geez… I really hope I could find the time to complete them. If cannot, then I guess I would skip those journals.

Meanwhile, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who has come and visit my blog. It’s been an enjoyable 4 years of writing, reviewing and sharing my travel experience and I am planning to keep doing it.

Cheers ^^/

Happy New Year All!! Thanks for reading my blog.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

In addition, let me put in more summary of my 2012 trip.

In 2012, I traveled within Indonesia (Tidung island in north of Jakarta, Karimunjawa island in north of Central Java and ofcourse Bali). I also traveled to overseas (Thailand and Malaysia for island hopping starting from Phuket til Penang).


I traveled solo to Thailand for 10 days visiting some of the islands in southern part of this country: Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui then taking a very long road trip to Penang, Malaysia to catch my flight back to home. It was scary thinking I would go to foreign country mostly on solo. But it turned out to be an exciting experience. I got to meet wonderful travelers on the road. What I like about this trip is  hanging out in the beach cafes in Ao Loh Dalam, Koh Phi Phi. What I don’t like is that I lost my money on my last day in Thailand when clubbing in Green Mango, Koh Samui. It’s my first time getting robbed when clubbing.

related journal: Islands Hopping from Phuket-Thailand to Penang-Malaysia

APRIL 2012

I was back to my second home “Bali” to relieve my ‘homesick’ after 8 months away :D. I went there for 4 days, mostly to enjoy  Kuta and Legian and also to go diving in Tulamben. What I like in this trip is that I met new friends who showed me the places I’d never been before. Ow.. and I got to dive with my friend too. What I don’t like is nothing, I guess. Well, I might be upset knowing that my friend lost her camera at La Vida Loca club in Double Six Legian. First I experienced it in Thailand then saw it it Bali. Fuh..  the clubs are not safe anymore…

Read the rest of this entry »

{10 Oct 2012}   OVERSEAS TRIPS (summary)
My trip journals when travelling outside Indonesia with expense report, hotel info and reference tools
My Trip Journals
list of relevant trip journals include travel expense report
Reference Tool / Useful Trip Information
travel tips and blog or website I use as reference during my trip, my travel tips, hotel info, things to do etc.

Review of Accommodation I stayed during this trip can be read in my other blog at .

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