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{10 Feb 2014}   Welcome to My Blog!!

Update: Oct 2016

Traveling around the world, visiting many places, experiencing new cultures

have always been a dream of mine


Thanks for visiting my blog.

This blog consists of my travel journals which I divide into 4 subjects:

Each subject is summarized  and put on a sticky post in this homepage. I put travel tips and some reference as well there. Meanwhile, each travel journal consists of its travel expense too which is (imo) the most essential info to look for when browsing for my next trip.

I also have another blog covering my experience staying in budget hotel or any type of accommodation which meet my budget of course, that is ” My Stay In Budget Hotel “. It’s just too much if I put them all here 🙂

Well, hope these journals would be useful for you!



My Latest Journal

newly posted :

The following are the trips I have not been able to finish the journals… But feel free to ask if you need any info about these places.
– Shangiang island [April 2015, 2 days]
– Kampung Inggris, the English ‘speaking’ Village in East Java [July 2015, 4 days]
– New Year in Bali [Jan 2016]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao, Patong) [March 2016, 9 days]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao) [July 2016]


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WOW… time passes quiet fast. It’s already 2014 now and as I wrote in my other blog’s 2013 review, I don’t really travel much in 2013. Increment in fuel price made everything expensive. Before it, I could get the best oneway ticket to Bali for about Rp300k-400k by Garuda, the best airlines in Indonesia. But now it’s like Rp600k. ><”

Talking about the trips I had in 2013, they were all within Indonesia. I traveled to my fave Bali island, then Lombok island (senggigi, gili trawangan) which become my fave destination,  and had short trips to Bandung in West Java.

MARCH 2013

I traveled solo to Bali (kuta) and Lombok (senggigi, gili trawangan) for 3 nites and each nite I stayed in different area. It’s kinda crazy, but hey, I don’t get many leave days from work. So yeah, sometimes I put too much activities on a trip. It’s more like an adventure trip than a relax holiday. However, in this trip, I was more focus on the transport within Lombok as a reference to my next one week trip in August with my family. Read the rest of this entry »

{1 Jan 2014}   INDONESIA TRIPS (summary)
My trip journals when travelling around Indonesia with expense report, budget hotel info, and other reference.
Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been to Tidung island in Jakarta,
Karimunjawa island in Central Java
and my fave Bali island

but I have to say that Lombok island is the most beautiful and natural one.

beautiful view from gili trawangan beach

beautiful view from gili trawangan beach



March 2013
Day 1   Jakarta – Bali
Day 2   Bali – Lombok airport – Gili Trawangan
Day 3   Gili Trawangan – Senggigi
Day 4   Senggigi – Lombok airport – Jakarta


Woohoo.. I finally visited Lombok island. I never thought this short trip would be a very nice and enjoyable one. 3 nites trip with 3 places to visit. Never crossed in my mind too that I would see so many amazing scenery. Lombok is a very beautiful island. I am so happy that I didn’t cancel this trip.

Day 1:  Jakarta – Bali

I took an afternoon flight to Bali. It was crowded in the airport, both Jakarta and Bali, probably because of the long weekend/Easter holiday. I arrived in Bali airport around 10pm. I usually just walked to airport gate to catch a Blue Bird Taxi for 25-50% lower fare than airport taxi. But this time I was lucky! I met my long time no see best friend on the plane and she gave me a ride til my hotel in Kuta.

I stayed in Tune Hotel Kuta this time. I want a place that is close from Legian clubs and affordable one. Tune Hotel Kuta has it all (if you booked in advance). I got a promo price for Rp130,000/nite for fan room. When check in, their front officers greeted me very kindly. The room is small but it’s clean. It’s my first time staying there and I had a pretty good first impression.

More about this hotel, please go to My Stay at Tune Hotel Kuta (bali) in my other blog.

tune hotel kuta room

[ tune hotel kuta, room ]

Later that nite, I spent the time with my friends in my fave Sky Garden club Legian. The club has just been renovated and became twice bigger with 2 new awesome chill out floors, Shisha lounge and Sky Dome.  Love it!! Just check out their website: 

sky garden shisha lounge and sky dome
[ Sky Garden club ]

sky garden shisha lounge and sky dome

Day 2:  Bali – Lombok airport – Gili Trawangan

Hardly slept, I checked out from hotel early morning to catch the first flight to Lombok island and then going to Gili Trawangan island. I departed from the new domestic area of Ngurah Rai Airport . It’s still under construction, no tile on the floor but I can see that it’ll turn out to be a nice airport once it’s done.

There are 2 ways to go to Gili Trawangan island from Bali, by airplane or by boat, and I took the plane. I chose it because I was worried with the sea condition and I had to be in Lombok as scheduled. It’s my first time taking short distance flight so I was surprise to see how small the aircraft is. I used Wings Air/Lion Air and it has 2-2 seating with only 20 rows, I guess. It was scary thinking that I was gonna be flying in that small aircraft but eventually the flight went well. It’s only a 30min flight anyway.

Read the rest of this entry »

{10 Oct 2012}   DIVING TRIPS (summary)

My trip journals which involved diving with some information on the dive sites and dive shop.

I first tried diving in 2009, then took my second try few month later and I fell in love with underwater. A year later, I got my PADI OW License. I am still new at this so I am sorry if there is any mistake on the information in my journal  🙂

Here I summarized my journals which involved diving and categorized them based on the diving sites.

click the date link below to read the full story


Bali island

  • Tulamben, This site is known as the best diving site in Bali. I’ve have been to 2 dive sites in here, one is at USS Liberty wreck close to the shore. The other one is no wreck but you can see some human created corals, shape
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