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{10 Feb 2014}   Welcome to My Blog!!

Update: Oct 2016

Traveling around the world, visiting many places, experiencing new cultures

have always been a dream of mine


Thanks for visiting my blog.

This blog consists of my travel journals which I divide into 4 subjects:

Each subject is summarized  and put on a sticky post in this homepage. I put travel tips and some reference as well there. Meanwhile, each travel journal consists of its travel expense too which is (imo) the most essential info to look for when browsing for my next trip.

I also have another blog covering my experience staying in budget hotel or any type of accommodation which meet my budget of course, that is ” My Stay In Budget Hotel “. It’s just too much if I put them all here 🙂

Well, hope these journals would be useful for you!



My Latest Journal

newly posted :

The following are the trips I have not been able to finish the journals… But feel free to ask if you need any info about these places.
– Shangiang island [April 2015, 2 days]
– Kampung Inggris, the English ‘speaking’ Village in East Java [July 2015, 4 days]
– New Year in Bali [Jan 2016]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao, Patong) [March 2016, 9 days]
– Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Tao) [July 2016]


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{1 Jan 2014}   INDONESIA TRIPS (summary)
My trip journals when travelling around Indonesia with expense report, budget hotel info, and other reference.
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English Version

Pulau Tidung merupakan salah satu pulau yang berada di gugusan Kepulauan Seribu, sebelah utara Jakarta. Pulau ini terdiri dari 2 bagian, “Pulau Tidung Besar” dan “Pulau Tidung Kecil” yang keduanya dihubungi oleh sebuah jembatan yang disebut “Jembatan Cinta”.

pulau tidung besar

Sudah lama saya mendengar cerita tentang betapa indahnya Pulau Tidung, betapa putih pasirnya, betapa jernih airnya, dan tentu saja biaya perjalanan yang terjangkau. Tergoda oleh cerita-cerita tersebut, saya pun mulai mencari informasi mengenai pulau ini. Saya kemudian menemukan sebuah rombongan backpacker (Doyan Jalan) yang berencana mengunjungi pulau ini dengan biaya hanya Rp.300,000 saja. Saya langsung daftar dan berikut laporan perjalanan saya ^^


Agustus 2012

Hari Pertama / Sabtu
> Dermaga Muara Angke – Pulau Tidung
> Menjelajah Jembatan Cinta
> Menikmati sunset dari Pulau Tidung Kecil

Hari Kedua / Minggu
> Menikmati sunrise dari penginapan
> snorkeling at Pulau Payung
> kembali ke Jakarta

< Tips dan perincian biaya di bagian bawah >

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Happy New Year All!! Thanks for reading my blog.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

In addition, let me put in more summary of my 2012 trip.

In 2012, I traveled within Indonesia (Tidung island in north of Jakarta, Karimunjawa island in north of Central Java and ofcourse Bali). I also traveled to overseas (Thailand and Malaysia for island hopping starting from Phuket til Penang).


I traveled solo to Thailand for 10 days visiting some of the islands in southern part of this country: Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui then taking a very long road trip to Penang, Malaysia to catch my flight back to home. It was scary thinking I would go to foreign country mostly on solo. But it turned out to be an exciting experience. I got to meet wonderful travelers on the road. What I like about this trip is  hanging out in the beach cafes in Ao Loh Dalam, Koh Phi Phi. What I don’t like is that I lost my money on my last day in Thailand when clubbing in Green Mango, Koh Samui. It’s my first time getting robbed when clubbing.

related journal: Islands Hopping from Phuket-Thailand to Penang-Malaysia

APRIL 2012

I was back to my second home “Bali” to relieve my ‘homesick’ after 8 months away :D. I went there for 4 days, mostly to enjoy  Kuta and Legian and also to go diving in Tulamben. What I like in this trip is that I met new friends who showed me the places I’d never been before. Ow.. and I got to dive with my friend too. What I don’t like is nothing, I guess. Well, I might be upset knowing that my friend lost her camera at La Vida Loca club in Double Six Legian. First I experienced it in Thailand then saw it it Bali. Fuh..  the clubs are not safe anymore…

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indonesian version english version

Tidung island is one of the islands in Thousand Island district, north part of Jakarta. I heard so many good stories about this island, how clear the water is and how affordable to go there. This island consists of 2 parts, the main island called “Tidung Besar” (big one) and the small island called “Tidung Kecil”. These 2 islands are connected by a bridge called “Jembatan Cinta” (the love bridge). The area near this bridge is the location for watersport lovers eg. banana boat, snorkeling, hantu laut, even diving. 

Tempting hearing all those stories, I started browsing for cheap tour and found a group of backpackers on facebook (Doyan Jalan) who would go there for only Rp.300k. Yay!!

So here goes my trip report ^^


August 2012

Day 1 – Saturday
– muara angke pier – tidung island
– exploring Jembatan Cinta (the “love bridge”)
– sunset from Tidung Kecil island (“small Tidung”)

Day 2 – Sunday
– sunrise from guesthouse terrace
– snorkeling at Pulau Payung
– back to Jakarta

(detail expense is below)


[ DAY 1 ]  exploring tidung besar and tidung kecil

We left home quite early from my usual ‘wake up’ time. It was 5.30am when my sister and I reached a gas station inside Pasar Ikan (fish market). That gas station is the regular meeting point for group travelling to Thousand island, cause Muara Angke pier is just right behind it. We saw many people gathered that morning. Guess many ‘Jakartans’ like to getaway to Thousand island for the weekend.

[photo : meeting point at gas station in Pasar Ikan]

Our group gathered a bit late so we had a late start. The ferry also departed later than we expected. The thing with this ferry is that there is NO AC and NO CHAIR. I think I skipped this info when browsing the net. It is a wooden boat with two floors. Each floor has about 1.6m height. We should mind our head not to get knocked up by the ceiling when standing ^^

Tips: choose a seating area on top floor, near the window and exit door.

[ photo : inside ferry to Tidung Island ]

I think we were on the boat for about 3 hours. Lucky, I sat in a nice spot, second floor, next to exit door in the back. It’s not too hot or crowded and has enough space to sleep. Yup, I spent most of my time sleeping in the boat. Maybe cause of the anti sickness med I took or I had no enough sleep at nite.

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