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{1 Oct 2012}   BALI TRIPS (summary)

Reference Tool / Useful Trip Information
travel tips and blog or website I use as reference during my trip, my travel tips, hotel info, things to do etc.

  • Perama Bus (schedule & price)
    it’s medium size bus, NO air conditioner with good price if you travel alone or together. They go to most of interesting cities in many part of Bali such as Lovina, Candidasa, Ubud, Sanur etc or even Lombok. Their passengers are mostly from overseas.
  • Map of Budget Hotel in Poppies Lane 1 & Poppies Lane 2, Kuta Beach
    this map is the most complete one that I can find in website. All the hostels here are within walking distance to Kuta beach and the night life < finally i found the map >

My Trip Journals
list of relevant trip journals include travel expense report

newly posted :

  • Back in Bali [April 2012, 4days]
    > Kuta, Legian, Tulamben (diving)

under drafting :
– Lombok and Bali in a Week, via Surabaya [August 2013, 7 days], Surabaya, Senggigi, Gili T, Legian
– Hotel Hopping ?!? Only in Bali ^^ [November 2012, 4days], Kuta, Legian

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All info I share here is based on my experience. I’ve been back-and-forth to Bali since 2009, mostly for diving or playing body board or just hangout. My last trip to Bali was in November 2012 and some info are based on my last visit to these places, so some things might have been different from the present. You might also know or find other thing that is better than what’s written here. Anyway if you have the same type and purpose of traveling like mine (backpacker/flashpacker, budget concern, like beach/underwater/party), you might find this info useful for you. Unless, it’s not your reading material.


  •  The area I’ve traveled in Bali
  •  Place to visit / eat / stay / snorkel / dive / hangout
  • Bali beaches


< I’ve spent at least a nite here >

My fave area to stay : Legian and Padang Bai

  • KUTA – Kuta is like the center of everything. This is a very touristic area, some called it crazy, some (me) called it awesome. When hearing Kuta, people immediately think that this is not the best place to stay or it’s too crazy. For me, this area has everything. If you like quite place, no much crazy ‘new’ bikers around, you can choose the southern part of Kuta along Segara beach. If you wanna have good beach for surfing, crazy party, then northern part is your best option along Kuta beach or Bakung Sari street or Benesari street. But if you are a backpacker and ready for all the actions, Poppies lane is your place ;)My fave place in this area is Poppies Lane 2. There are many affordable guesthouses  here surrounded by a great nite life, cheap food and I can walk to my fave beach (Legian beach) .One down side is that most people here respect only foreigners.It’s about 20min drive from airport.> click here for kuta area map
    click here for poppies lane 1 map
    click here for poppies lane 2 map
  • LEGIAN – Thisarea is more calm than Kuta and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate which one called Legian or Kuta. Well, if you are confuse, the area where lies Padma Street, Werkudara Street and Arjuna/Double Six street is Legian. It’s kind of in the middle of Kuta and Seminyak. For me, if I have enough budget, I will stay in this area whilst in Bali. It’s quieter than Kuta, close to my fave Legian beach, many good restaurant but a bit pricy and I like the environment where the hotel/restaurant staffs respect local tourists too.It’s about 20-25min drive from airport.> click here for legian area map.


March 2010
Day 1 Jakarta-Denpasar Airport-Legian
Day 2 Legian-Tanah Lot
Day 3 Legian–Tanjung Benoa/water sport
Day 4 Legian-Denpasar Airport-Jakarta

Trip Expense Report >> click here
** this is about the report of expense I had during this trip

Trip Journal

This trip purpose would be part of becoming “guide” for my sisters for the shopping place, cheap and good place to eat and good place for enjoying the nite life.

Day 1

Arrived Bali in the afternoon, got pick-up by hotel car which is complimentary from Bali Sorgawi Hotel for reservation min.2 nites. This hotel is nice, down the alley from Legian main street and about 15-20min walk to the beach. The room is too small for 3 person, hardly can move but they have nice pool which is very important for me. I like refreshing myself in that pool. We got it for Rp.295 include xtra bed, AC, TV, shower, bfast for 3 persons.
Well, first agenda of the day and always must be done when coming to Bali is to get Tattoo.  So we got dressed, headed for the beach and looked for the tattoo guy. It usually costs about Rp. 20-25k for each. Then we went for dinner at my fave Warung Indonesia in Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane 2. It was crowded during lunch/dinner time but I like it here since it’s Indonesian Food and very cheap. I ordered rice + 2 kind of veggies + egg + sambal potato for Rp. 11k.
At nite, hit the Bounty club in Legian til morning.

Day 2

Had breakfast in hotel, I ate the toast + egg + jam + orange juice and some sliced fruit. It tasted okay. We don’t have any fixed plan so we had this crazy idea to go around Legian by Motorbike. So we rented a motorbike at hotel (Rp.50k/24 hours) and asked a good friend of us who lives in Bali to show us around. I said it’s a crazy idea since I had to drive that automatic motorbike without any experience or license ><”  It was challenging, almost had 2 accidents but we survived till end of the day :p
Anyway, our plan is to go to Art Market in Kuta for shopping, we had lunch there. It was nice place, lunch in the beach under the trees. It’s in other side of Kuta beach but still called Kuta beach. The food is not bad also the coconut drink which we drink from that coconut directly. Then we had another crazy idea to go to Tanah Lot.. hahaha.. no license but we did it anyway and we made it to Tanah Lot. Why Tanah Lot?? Because there are many shops sell various “Kain Bali/Bali Clothes”. After shopping, we relax in Tanah Lot café which is above the hill. I had no idea there was café there. The drink is expensive but you can watch the beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, we had to skip the sunset since it is not good for first time driver, driving a motorbike at dark. So we went back to hotel in Legian, had dinner in hotel, the Nasi Goreng tastes good. Then dressed up and start exploring the nite life in Legian. We hit Paddy’s, the music there is good but not much guests so we got bored and went to Bounty for dance till morning J .

Day 3 – Day 4

This day our plan is to go for water sport in Tanjung Benoa. After having breakfast at hotel, I bought Nasi Jenggo in the Legian Street (only Rp.4k) for lunch at water sport spot. The watersport package from DrunkenBunny website offered us free transfer to/from hotel which is very value. We took the package which include “Banana Boat + Parasailing + Snorkeling” for Rp. 225k/pax. Cheap!!  The watersport went very well, I like the snorkeling but it has not much to see there, not much fish or coral. I want to explore the water further from the boat but I was afraid of many speedboats there. At least it is good experience for my sisters ^.^ The watersport took about 3-4 hours include lunch then we got back to hotel, got massage at spa just in front of the hotel alley and started shopping around Legian again.
At nite, we had “big” dinner in Warung 96. We ordered the House Pizza + spaghetti + beef salad + French fries + 2 milkshake + 1 banana juice + 1 beer + 1 mineral water for around 160k/3 persons. The taste is great, maybe because we hardly had a ‘regular taste’ food in Bali. Somehow the food in Bali has different taste than we usually have in Jakarta, the same meals, look same but maybe different ingredients. Anyway, that was one big meal during the trip. After full with these meals, we got back to hotel for swimming then dressed up and since it was our last nite in Bali, we went for clubbing til morning. We hit our fave place Bounty and went to Sky Garden til dawn. 2 hours rest then packing then bfast then we went to mini market in front of Kuta beach, relaxing while watching the people surfing. The weather was so good that day, cloudy and not hot so we sit in that mart bench till 11am. The went back to hotel for check-out, left some stuffs with the receptionist first till our departure time. Had lunch at Little Island Resto in Jl Benesari, its burger tastes good. Then we spent the rest of time by searching at the hotel I plan to stay on my next trip.

First we checked the Gemini Star Hotel located in  Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane 2. It is a nice, clean hotel, the pool is small but somehow the hotel looks exclusive. It costs Rp. 134k/nite single, fan room NO bfast. Ups.. this hotel is too expensive for me, but maybe I  try it later.

Then next we checked on the Tunjung Bali Hotel in Poppies Lane 2. I saw the room downstair and it is clean with pink bathroom. The pool is great with trees around it, looks so great.. It costs Rp. 100k/nite single, fan room include bfast. I might choose this hotel later on..

I met a friend there who lost his wallet in the club. It’s my second time to find a guy lost his wallet in the Club. So for you guys, please bring only necessary things if you wanna enjoy the nite life without any ‘incident’


Well, that’s all for this trip story.
Next trip would be about diving in Tulamben or.. I dunno..
I am still wondering where I should go or what I should do on my next trip to Bali in the end this year..

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For hotel photos, please see my article about “Budget Hotel in Bali

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