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{17 Mar 2014}   ☆ Thinking… Should I Move to Bali?

It is my post on other blog of mine… but this post is related with this blog, I guess.. One thing for sure… all my travels to Bali made me having these thoughts….

Mixed-Up Things

I’ve been coming back and forth to Bali for the past 6 years. My first visit was actually 14 years ago, I was like 20 that time. But I fell in love with the island 6 years ago, when my friend left me alone here on my birthday (d**n) and let me exploring the island all by myself, including the secluded (couple) area. Good thing, that trip changed me to be who I am now., someone who loves underwater, beach, sunset, affordable western food, laid back nite life, and all the stuffs this island offers.

Most of all, the beaches…. Just see these views.. Ow… I would love to see it everyday if I could.

My fave legian beach

pandawa beach, south of bali

Pandawa beach in south of bali

petitengget beach, seminyak

Maybe my main reason for loving this island is that it’s like stress-free. My work now is kinda stressed me up sometimes (or many times). I work like 46 hours a week / 5 days…

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