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{10 Oct 2012}   DIVING TRIPS (summary)

My trip journals which involved diving with some information on the dive sites and dive shop.

I first tried diving in 2009, then took my second try few month later and I fell in love with underwater. A year later, I got my PADI OW License. I am still new at this so I am sorry if there is any mistake on the information in my journal  🙂

Here I summarized my journals which involved diving and categorized them based on the diving sites.

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Bali island

  • Tulamben, This site is known as the best diving site in Bali. I’ve have been to 2 dive sites in here, one is at USS Liberty wreck close to the shore. The other one is no wreck but you can see some human created corals, shape

    like UFo etc. In Tulamben, you can see many jack fishes, eel garden, nemo ^^ /clown fish and other fish and small things (macro??).. Sorry I dont really know its name. In here, you can also see a tornado of jack fishes, so interesting.. I went there on 2009 and 2010, on the same month of November and in both trip, there is almost no current. Very good for beginner like me. The trip to go there takes about 1 hour from Candidasa and 2.5 hours from Sanur.
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    – ” Nov 2009 “, ” Nov 2010 “, ” May 2011“, “Apr 2012
  • Menjangan Island, Compare to Tulamben, I like this site better. Maybe because of its clear water. The current here is getting stronger toward noon. I saw many beautiful corals, turtle, cuttle fish, nemo, lion fish etc ow.. and also shark but I dont know which kind. The trip to go here takes about 3 hours from Kuta and 1 hour from Lovina, plus 15min boat ride.
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    – ” Feb 2010 ”
  • Sanur, This site reminded me when taking open water license and almost gave up doing CESA. Cannot believe it. In this site, the current is extremely strong and there is no much to see. I saw like a silver bat fish, if i am not mistaken.. and then lucky to find sea snake. There are some decoration under there like badminton field etc..  Not really interesting site but ideal for drift diver maybe.
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    – ” Nov 2010 “
  • Padang Bai,
    related journals :
    – ” Jul 2011
  • Nusa Dua, The vis here is not really good. There is so less fish to see and it is not too deep also. Many water sport operators have diving excursion here so it’s like a market down there. Full of big fishes aka people. I went to the site off the shore and it is much better. Then to the ‘market’ site and try to go further but suddenly the vis became so bad that I decided to stop the diving after 10 minutes. So short..
    related journals :
    –  ” Jan 2011 “

Lombok island

  • Gili Trawangan
    related journals :
    – “Mar 2013“, “Aug 2013”

Jakarta, Pulau Seribu (Thousands island)

  • Pulau Semak,
  • Pulau Pari,

These are the dive centers I’ve ever had a trip with or ever contacted to arrange one.


  • Bali Scuba in Sanur
  • Gangga Diver in Candidasa
  • Spice Dive in Lovina


  • Planet Diving in Central Jakarta



These are the list of stores where I’ve ever bought my diving equipment.

Bali island

  • Bali Scuba in Sanur


  • Lautan Mas in West Jakarta
  • Planet Diving in Central Jakarta
  • Annual Deep Extreme Expo in Central Jakarta (usually at the end of March)

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