Travelling Angel

{27 Aug 2011}   Author’s Message: My Apology

Dear Readers,

Few days ago, I found some spams as usual and tried to delete them through my mobile. (I had limited internet access to PC) After deleting all the spams permanently, I noticed that some comments (most of it) were missing from posts and pages. Then I realized I might put check mark to all the comments when erasing the spams ><”   It’s really clumsy of me but I found it out very late. I couldn’t save the comments.

So I am so sorry if you cannot see your comments on the post or page, after you spent your time writing it.


Sebelumnya saya ingin minta maaf ke teman-teman yang sudah meluangkan waktu memberi komentar di blog saya. Beberapa waktu yang lalu, karena keteledoran saya mencoba menghapus spam2 dari mobile web, semua komentar teman2 juga ikut terhapus. Dan sayangnya saya telat sadarnya ><”

Maaf ya…

Warm regards,

note:  be careful before deleting the comments on your blog from mobile phone. I would never do it again though..


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